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  1. Yeah - this has made me look around my whole setup and seeing things that used to be necessary but no longer are, and in fact have become a liability! Possibly a nice topic in there somewhere; unencrypted Time Machine backups; old tools; apps not from App Store... Not using Authenticators etc. Thanks for taking the time to confirm.
  2. Awesome - yep I had missed that What worried me most was the fact that I got the popup to install commandline tools which could have been a vehicle for installation since I had to click to proceed, and the system wanted to update it at the same time it was installing seemed odd. Plus the chkrootkit output said no commandline tools folder. Thanks for your help - I should not have run this CCC tool and just put MB through its paces.
  3. Thanks alvarnell. I used the chkrootkit from within the Catalina Cache Cleaner - running it prompted the install command line tools. My concern is around keylogging - when I update my email on a secure website I get spam with that update. The site should not have a problem but I have raised it with them. I am jittery because of this identity leakage and have no other signs externally. Of course anything odd or beachballing on a fresh install Mac (including SMC/NVRAM resetting). I've not installed chkrootkit from elsewhere and MB seems happy but the data leakage continues, though
  4. Hi - I've been having some worrying data leakage - MB not picking anything up. I have a version of Northernsoftworks Catalina Cache Cleaner installed since March. I ran chkrootkit and it wanted to install commandline tools - popup prompt. This was before MB was installed on that machine. Whilst in the process of installing those tools the system notification showed it was also downloading an update to them. So both at the same time. When I check for an update on Cache Cleaner it throws an error. Any thoughts on if this has transported Malware onto the Mac... if so, can
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