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  1. I already checked on this site, and I remember it being marked 'cleaned'. But I just had a customer call in saying Malwarebytes was blocking us. I just wanted to double check it was clean and if I should let our customer know he needs to update his software? I wasn't sure how the database changes got pushed and if that's something he would need to do himself. Thank you! https://airtechscubaservices.com/
  2. Good Morning, We have a customer that is getting an error when trying to visit our site. We're looking into other possibilities but he is using MalwareBytes and we wanted to double check it's not a false positive. https://gypsydivers.com/ Thank you.
  3. I got a call today that a customer of ours was not able to access our site because her Malwarebytes was blocking it. I believe this is a false positive and needs to be removed. https://airtechscubaservices.com/ Thank You
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