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  1. I just wanted to add to this. What I meant by my laptop running slow was that whenever I would try and open file explorer or any other application it would hang for a few sec and it would show not responding message and after a few seconds it would resume but there could be a bit latency but tolerable to a certain extent I guess. One of my friends suggested I disable the real time protection in Windows Defender as it could be slowing me down but I kinda rely on it since I don't have any other antivirus protection on my laptop.
  2. I recently have been experiencing my laptop running very slow. I recently installed a software(legitimate 100%) that required me to have Windows Pro features but I only had Home on me so i used a generic key from internet and upgraded my Win 10 to non-activated Win 10 Pro. And since I didn't want that the watermark I am guilty of trying a few tricks of Internet in trying to removing it and although I am pretty sure I scanned all bat files and cmd files with Virus Total before executing them I fear I might have messed up my laptop a bit. If I have my airplane mode turn on and then I restar
  3. I am attaching the required files here. The FRST tool kept running in after the pop up came regarding that FRST.txt and Addition.txt file were created. Should I be concerned ? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. I recently detected a malware by the name of crytominer( it was detected and assigned the usual generic name by malwarebytes) and quarantined and deleted it. I just wanna make sure that any traces of it are not there anymore. I recently ran (post detection of malware) malwarebytes and adwcleaner and did not get any detection
  5. Okay understood. I'll just make sure to keep scanning with malwarebyte from time to time. Also this is the screenshot from my settings but I get it that it is fine anyways Thank you for helping me. Is there any way I could return the favor ? If yes then do let me know
  6. Just wanted to confirm this setting is okay if it is turned off right (see attached screenshot from my laptop) and if I need it turned on how do I do that ?
  7. Attaching the report of Dr Web Cureit here. cureit.log
  8. Okay I shall do this. I am currently going to sleep so expect a delay of around 8 hrs before I start doing all this. Appreciate your help and advice
  9. Yeah so I did the full scan and am attaching the report here. The Santivirus was found again. Is it possible that there is some malicious software just re-downloading it unto the system or something ? Also the occsional lags are ther not that prominent but just there (it porbably lilke 1-2 mins max) and I think it could be due to my laptop being like 2 years old and I should just porbably get it cleaned and checked for hardware I guess es et_scan_report.txt
  10. so I am attaching the scan report here scan_report.txt
  11. I am attaching the clean report from AdwCleaner here AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  12. Okay so I installed it but I had to use a VPN connection (IP of UK) and then was able to download it. Sorry for the trouble
  13. And I ran the network diagonistics on it and am attaching the report here windows_network_diagonistics.pdf
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