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  1. I did a quick reboot and it seems to have stopped. I forgot I had a tab pinned, which was probably causing.. I will report back if I continue to experience any issue. Thank you both
  2. I installed AdBlockMax, but still seem to be getting the popups. I did also check System Preferences, and I do not see a section called profiles.
  3. No extension showing in preferences, thanks for the quick response.
  4. I seem to have gotten some type of adware/malware on my MacBook Pro running Catalina. Every few minutes, random tabs will open up with what seems like gibberish URLs, or sometimes advertisements to clothing sites. This seems to be happening even when the computer is in sleep mode, so these tabs pile up pretty quickly. The "gibberish" ones also are a blank page that show as "insecure": I ran malware bytes but nothing came back as suspicious. Can anyone help? Thanks, Manny
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