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  1. It was and it wasn't. I've had nothing open (it does take significantly longer for it to trigger, though), and I've also had lots of things open. It would seem the more I use the internet the faster it does trigger, though. The variability of time is so high, it's really hard to say. As of right now, I have had no issues with the older version, so that's nice.
  2. Out of curiosity, if we know the build that this issue does not exist on--does that mean we know what the issue is? I'm really curious to know exactly why this is happening because I spent so much time trying to figure it out hah
  3. Do you know which earlier version does not have this issue? I have the foggiest idea.
  4. Yup. Sure enough, I turn on web protection, the latency issues with NDIS.sys (and dxgkrnl.sys is still absolutely present. So it's not fixed with it enabled.
  5. Again. With Fast Startup ENABLED, I had no issues. Only when I had Web Protection enabled did I have any problems. I did not send you my logs from when I was having the issues, I resolved it by turning off Web Protection and that was the only change I needed. And I was able to go for an entire week with no intermittent stuttering nor lag. It was absolutely, 100%, for certain the culprit. Now if you mean that your web protection interacts with Fast Startup, that's a problem with your program, not the Windows setting from my perspective. Regardless, I'm going to update the program and make the changes you requested (and apparently Windows is updating to version 2004 so that's also going to be a thing), and then re-enable web protection and if the intermittent lag comes back in, I'll let you know. And that could take between twenty minutes and 12 hours.
  6. I'm going to respectfully let you know that it was up for 7 days on purpose AFTER turning off the web protection to confirm that was the actual issue causing my lag. And it was correct---absolutely no issues. Also, fast update was off the last time I installed windows when I was trying to figure this stuff out through the entire month of May. I can turn it off now, sure, but I promise you it made no difference.
  7. I was apparently mid-update when I ran the tool. I can try to report back, but since it's so incredibly inconsistent to trigger this may take a long while to report back.
  8. Throwing it out here I had this same problem--This bug started happening as soon as I had purchased upgrades for my computer so I thought for the longest time it was my hardware. I even got an entirely different motherboard and went from AMD-->Intel. It was a real frickin' nightmare for over a month, let me tell you. The only thing that works is disabling web protection. So I hope this eventually gets resolved because this was seriously one of the worst experiences of my life dealing with this computer nonsense. A lot of weird glitching out and conflicts with NDIS.SYS and the WDF01000.sys. I couldn't find anything, scoured reddit for the random stuttering, just could only see if was internet activity related after a period of use. Big, big oof.
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