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  1. Sorry for the late reply. For me the issue fixed itself somehow without me doing anything though not sure if it will happen again since this is an issue I've only just encountered recently.
  2. Hi, I am encountering the following error whenever I try to manually check for updates from the setting menu: "Something went wrong - One or more items in the current update did not complete successfully. Please check your internet connetion and try again. If you need more help, visit our support site." I'm also receiving this error when doing scans as it typically check for updates automatically before scanning. Also note the spelling mistake in the error message (i.e. 'connetion' should've been 'connection') not relevant by any means and I misspell often myself but just putting it out there just in case. There's nothing wrong with my internet and restarting my computer also didn't help. Please advise. Thank you
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