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  1. here it is! thank you for what you do you are amazing. security scan log.txt
  2. here's the log. there were some hp preinstalled stuff and they slowed down my pc anyway so i got rid of the ones i didn't need. adware log.txt
  3. here's the log! thanks again. it said no detections so i hope my pc is clean. eset log.txt
  4. here's the log! thank you mbar-log-2020-06-14 (20-10-00).txt
  5. there you go! thank you very much for helping me. malwarebytes log 2.txt
  6. here you go! you can just call me by my username. thank you for what you do. msert.log
  7. here's the logs you need. i have no idea where i got the RAT from since i didn't download anything sketchy. I did a full system reset with settings to try and get rid of it but apparently they can survive those so i want to get rid of all rootkits/ rats/ hidden malware in my pc. thank you in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt malwarebytes log.txt
  8. I forgot to say they went into settings but I stopped them before they did anything. I don't know how the RAT got in my PC but it might be from an internet attack since before this RAT my PC was getting bombarded by unauthorized access attempts a ton from all over the world. Those stopped which I think meant they got in or stopped but either way I got ratted.
  9. Hi, so one day I was playing Minecraft and almost took a break but somebody was moving my mouse! So I went into airplane mode and scanned around but didn't find anything. I reset my PC with settings and I read that RATs can survive resets so I want to get my system rid of all rootkits and RATs and hidden malware.
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