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  1. both sites one site just says it has outdated software (which be why this is happening) 1 only shows 2 results as malicious (which probably means this false positive still)
  2. wonder what is in their website that is making both products block this ice cream place website
  3. this is blocked due to trojan but virus total detected nothing
  4. so i was trying to go to this url http://www.watchalong.club/jackanddom but i got a suspicious top level domain (TLD) warning i scanned the site both the youtube link and the actual link i find that no engines were detected so i think this is a false positive
  5. http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/hugedomains.com.html
  6. weird virustotal didn't detect any engines on this website take a look yourself NOTE:not a mod
  7. So what can i do to help you guys out with this problem or are you guys going to release a update for malwarebytes browser guard that reduces cpu usage Thanks! Hoping to see a response soon.
  8. i'm using chrome os those debug logs are the only logs i can give anybody so i can not download the software you have provided in your post sorry hoping to see a new response soon
  9. this sometimes happens it does not happen 24/7 or when i visit ifixit.com it did happen pretty recently
  10. Hi i was visiting gpd.hk but malwarebytes browser guard blocked virustotal detects no engines and pretty sure this is a false positive can you make it so it does not block this website its a normal website according to virustotal Thanks! -Branford
  11. Never mind hugedomains.com and https://www.mywot.com/scorecard/hugedomains.com
  12. Oops!i mentioned the wrong website it was hugedomains.org
  13. this website is supposed to be blocked thankfully i have web of trust which blocked it but i think malwarebytes browser guard should block this as well! Hugedomains.com
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