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  1. I ran the RogueKiller scan again and it found nothing,TestResult.txt. I wanted to thank you again for helping me feel safe again using my own computer.
  2. ReportRogue.txtThanks for all the help, if there are more ways to make sure it's safe I would be greatfull.
  3. Fixlog.txtSo, did the virus run, cause some info would be great. And is RogueKiller needed?
  4. Also I think that this might be important, so I have the premium version of eset witch stops apps from opening certain "suspicious" websites so I don't know if it contacted its server.
  5. One question that I know is kinda stupid but, since I only had Opera GX would the virus still work? And are my Steam and other accountsFRST.txt safe and is the computer safe to use?
  6. Addition.txtFRST.txt As additional information I just wanted to add that all my files are still present because of the way windows was installed.
  7. Just as additional info, I have windows 10, the app that caused the virus was not allowed through the firewall, and the only Browser with info on it was OperaGX (Chrome was not installed)
  8. Update: Reinstalled windows inside windows, then deleted service.exe then reinstalled windows from inside windows again.
  9. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/abfef72a78c58a70064f817abca32581240448be7cf7c0fa212899376bf3114e/detection The virustotal results
  10. After launching game it crashed, after I tried to delete the folder it was open in another application. Using Process Explorer I found that it opened a schtask.exe. I looked in Task Scheduler and found a GoogleUpdateTaskMachineUAC that hasn't run yet, but it was linked to a file in Roaming/d_temp/sevices.exe with the game's logo. The game was scanned by ESET nod32 before I ran it. Malwarebytes free didn't detect anything neither did the Rootkit protection or the windows security.
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