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  1. Thank you for your quick move. I''ll inform our users of that and let them scan again. Thanks again, Irene
  2. Dear Concerned, I'm writing to request you to remove the false positive of identifying ToTok as malware and add ToTok to the whitelist. ToTok is just a messaging and calling app which provides the stated services and does nothing malicious that would be regarded as malware. A thorough examination of ToTok on Virustotal has showed that ToTok is secure to use, for no virus has been detected by many anti-virus service providers. However, Malwarebytes has done the false detection before and removed it (screenshot attached), but the false detection happens again! This false positive result is seriously hurting our company and putting all our users’ trust at risk! We urge you to remove the false positive and add ToTok to the whitelist to cease the damage to us as soon as possible. If the case is not handled promptly, our legal team will do what we have to do to protect our lawful interests. As the false positive is reported by our user, we're unable to provide the log. We can provide a screenshot of false positive provided by our user and the APK file of our app for you to examine. Please find them in the attachment. Thank you. Best regards, Irene from Team ToTok apk file of ToTok.zip
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