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  1. I uninstalled it because it wasn't functioning correctly...
  2. Thanks for responding Nathan... I'm running ver 5.1.1 of aANdroid... The link you posted, yes, I've been there already... a green button reads, "Installed"... (of course it isn't installed)... When I click on that green button, a screen says, "No eligible devices for app install"... and a drop down screen (when actuated) that reads, "This Item is not compatible with your device"... I can delete directories or files if instructed to do so... Please help... Thank you...
  3. additionally after digging through the responses when trying to install... No eligible devices for app install. This item is incompatible with your device. and... Your device isn't compatible with this version.
  4. I have two Android phones - 2 current premium licenses... one phone is working fine... however, on the second phone, I uninstalled MWB and am unable to find MWB on a search of Goog-Play to re-install it - therefore I cannot re-install MWB to that second phone... What am I doing wrong or missing?... "My apps and games" on Goog-Play doesn't list MWB ... "Subscriptions" on Goog_Play does list MWB with a current license... al little help please - thanks in advance...
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