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  1. Yes, I've been really busy, sorry I have not been in touch. Everything is working right, thanks to you. I appreciate your help so much. No problems here. Please do go ahead and close this case. thanks, Marcia Hatman p.s. You get eleven stars from me.
  2. I am very sorry, but I can't transfer that file here the way you told me to do it. The file is C:\windows\debug\msert.log and I have it in Notepad, but I can't attach it in the little box. I'm trying.
  3. Since I could never open that file last night, I'm re-scanning my computer now. It's slow. I had to work this morning, sorry to get started so late. I'll be in touch as soon as it finishes the scan. Thank you for your patience. "The scan completed successfully, and no viruses, spyware, or potentially unwanted spyware were detected." There is no link or anything else, just that sentence. So I must be all good, thanks to you!
  4. Ran your scan last night. %SYSTEMROOT%\debug\msert.log. is where the results are. It refused to open for me. I am so sorry I'm not easier to work with. Thanks.
  5. Yes, card cancelled, financial institution notified, had to wait 3 weeks on new card, spent hours on phone, no evidence of misbehavior from the trojan or whatever he/it is. going to run that scan now. I fell asleep at the computer last night.
  6. My MWB scans are set to run every morning at 2:30 a.m. I'll run the scan you sent me when I'm through working tonight. Thanks for sending that. You've helped me so much on this computer, it seems to be doing okay. I have also, as I may have told you, removed all financial data from this computer. I had to check my card just one last time, and it was fine, but the hacker or trojan or whatever was still busy trying to run charges through on my old card number. So everything but my luck with Dell is fine. I'll send you the log on this tonight. I'm writing on deadline, or I'd do it now. Thanks.
  7. Maurice, I would've never been able to save my pictures without your help. I am using my old laptop with the trojan or whatever it is until I get my NEXT new Dell. I was very disappointed in their tech support (closes at 5 p.m. central daylight time). But if you want sales support at any time, they are all over you!! I could sure use some luck, I feel cursed! Two computers I've bought and I'm still using my old one! Again, thank you so much for your help. My next computer had BETTER perform better. I'm sure I'll be asking you something. Marcia
  8. Hi, I think I am cursed! The brand new computer I bought from Dell was a lemon. I have spent 26 hours sitting in this chair on the phone with them this week. I finally got sick of this last night and set out to return it. Locking up, crashing, every time I left for more than 30 minutes I had to restart the computer. Lots of weird things going on. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, but all I've done is sit in this chair and talk on the phone and do what the Dell tech said. So I'll order a better computer when I get the refund for this one. I did get all my pictures transferred from laptop to le
  9. I havev all my pictures off old computer saved on flash drive. New computer up and running but cranky. First thing I did late last night - install MWB Premium & MWB Privacy. This morning it's just a blank screen, so I'm working on that. thanks for asking. you're my hero! blank screen on monitor this a.m., fine last night, pushed all its buttons, off to Dell for help. Thanks.
  10. Busy day. I installed and ran the Adware. I HOPE there will be a copy of its log at the end here. All I want to take with me from this computer to my new computer are pictures and a few memes from my desktop. I am saving them on old computer to a flash drive now. I will reinstall MWB Security Premium and Privacy first thing on new Dell. Is there anything else I need to do before I set up the new computer? I need your advice on which browser I should use. I won't use Chrome. I've been using Firefox for many years, but it won't let me stream videos from Amazon Prime or ABC on this laptop -
  11. I have had a busy week. After long talks with Dell, an honest salesperson told me that the new monitor was probably never going to work with the new-to-me refurb computer. So I did what I should've done all along - sent the refurb one back for a orefund and bought a cheap, basic Dell desktop brand new. I have had two doctors' appointments this week - nothing serious - and just haven't had a chance to even take the new Dell out of the box and, of course, I know that working on the old one is what we do first. I'll install and run the Ad-Aware program as soon as I get a grip on the groups I
  12. OK, I did everything you said, and it came back all negative, nothing bad found on the scan. I ran it just as you told me to do. Everything was clean. I get it - no shopping, no buying anything online, no info sharing. I promise to be good at that. Thanks again for your help. So what's next? I can't do anything with the new computer because I can't hook up the monitor.
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