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  1. I have the exact same periodic unresponsiveness / slowness described by this user while Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection is enabled. I use my computer every day. No issues before updating to Windows 2004 then after updating I immediately experienced periodic slowness / unresponsiveness. It took me forever to figure out why. It was going through resource manager and disabling things that led me down this path where disabling Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection prevented the issue. Periodic application unresponsiveness / slowness. Things would be fine for a couple minutes and then the app would freeze. I could then go and open another app which may or may not freeze. But not all applications had this issue. I could use Fidelity Active Trador Pro all day. But it was difficult to access their website. Lots of timeouts in event viewer. Loading event viewer would sometimes cause an MMC timeout error. Cursor was always responsive.
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