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  1. Ok I finally managed to get into safe mode. I tried 5 or 6 different methods and the only thing that worked was as simple as holding shift when hitting restart on the log in screen(I'm on Windows 8). Once I was in boot mode, I was able to successfully end all of the Malware Bytes tasks, and after that, I was able to unninstall it with "Revo Unninstaller". Is there anything else I have to do to fully remove the software from my laptop? Thank you for your assistance. Your software is very powerful, I'm impressed by its security, but this kind of things can't happen, it's the first
  2. I have tried a few times, but I can't get past one of the first steps. Once I try to restart my laptop, it just says "Please Wait..." forever 😕 any other way to remove this? I tried a melhod through command prompt, but your software didn't show on the list of programs so no luck there. It won't even let me delete any files in the folders. I use my laptop to work, please help
  3. Dude I wish I could access the program. It doesnt work and doesnt let anything work and refuses to be stopped or deleted. It is literally driving me insane.
  4. What's the point of having a malware software if it pretty much works like a virus and successfully breaks your computer? I've had many computers and laptops and never before seen an update to a supposedly side program that breaks my computer. How can I remove it??? I can't unnistall it as it is just always on the "Not responding" state. I can't even delete any files from its folder. Is this not a virus in disguise? I've seen friendlier viruses. And the software even goes as far as to say I'm using my free trial? I didn't even want it... please help me!
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