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  1. Above and beyond my expectations, my new friend. I have no words to decribe how grateful I am to you and your help for me. I am going to recomend you and this program to everyone I meet. Thank you so very much............
  2. I was waiting on your response to take action against the Chrome files. I'll handle that after I log out of work. The computer is running great. Faster than ever, actually. After the update you had provided, it was so slow that I had to let it sit. Hours later, I logged back into it and wallah. Instantaneous loading for every file, FF page and it also restarts in 20-45 seconds without hesitation. Will definitely be more careful next time.
  3. Attached for you. I had restarted the computer a bunch of times between today and yesterday. Hopefully this is the results you need to view. I appreciate you taking the time to help out. MalwarebytesReportRestart100lol.txt
  4. Malwarebytes isn't creating a new file because there isn't anything to create. (I guess). It's not giving me the option to export anything as well. The only thing I can attach that has relevance is the file I had submitted previously. NewMalwareB1.txt
  5. Sorry, I thought that the file I had added was the new. I'm scanning again to make absolute sure. NewMalwareB1.txt
  6. Here ya go. You're correct. It's a second hand purchase. Installed the 13th, May. I do know that there's a free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8. I haven't opened a personal computer in a long time. It's just recently that I started using a computer at home bc I'm working from home. Looks like I'm gonna have to upgrade my RAM and to Win10 very soon... AdwCleaner[S01].txt Addition.txt
  7. You are correct. It's second hand. I was really worried that from taking this second hand merch that someone had installed an unwanted program on here. I am aware Win10 is available. I don't really care for getting a newer windows version, honestly. If it helps, cool. This is the first time I've used a laptop extensively since 2010, I believe. I love the old Win7 server edition or - I think the 2001 server?
  8. Attached for you. Fixlog.txt
  9. No threats found with Kasper.
  10. Hopefully these had been over written. I uninstalled Google Chrome all together and went with Firefox. Whilst uninstalling Chrome, I didn't press the delete bookmarks ticker. Thanks for taking the time for me here. Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  11. Attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  12. So it is... I just searched it again and it was there. Again. Uninstalled and rebooting currently.
  13. This is what's left on my pc after doing an uninstall frenzy. Sorted by date* I had went through about 10 C++ things that were installed that looked fishy. I uninstall a lot more as well. Uploading the file for a new scan in a moment.
  14. My computer started lagged badly and I almost had to force close it. Thankfully I had patience and let it rest until I could actually click the button to restart. I think I had gotten everything uninstalled as far as Norton goes, but I will double check now to make sure and repost another set of .txts from the FRST64 program shortly.
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