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  1. Thanks for the replies, as it is appreciated. From what little I can tell, the file is a collection of vintage photographs that has been passed around various forums over the past couple of years. Even though indications are that it's harmless, the fact people are passing it around like it's 1995 is a bit concerning (especially as it seems to be aimed at an older audience).
  2. My apologies for the typo in the last line - I meant to say "or other heavy duty, hard-hitting virus" (pardon the clunky grammar).
  3. Was writing to you as I found out that my elderly mother opened a PDF (it contained of Powerpoint presentation of various old photographs) that she received from a friend (who probably got it from another friend, and so on, etc.). Needless to say we've warned her about this a million times, but sometimes these things don't always sink in. Anyway, once I found out, I ran a MalwareBytes scan on her computer, and came back with a clean report. I also submitted the file to VirusTotal, and it found nothing either. She received the file via Gmail, so I'm assuming there was a bit of protection v
  4. I appreciate everyone's help. Glad to find out that it is indeed just an annoyance, and not an attempted malware intrusion. Still, it can be a disconcerting to have an unknown file try and download itself on one's computer in this day age. Thanks again.
  5. My sincere apologies. When this "outbreak" first occurred, I was using Safari 13.1.2. Had upgraded using 14.0 when the last of the popups occurred. As for extensions, none at the moment. The latest word going around now is that this is a broken piece of Google code, and that they are aware of it.
  6. Sorry my previous post should have read: The funny thing about this is that the first couple or so times I ran into it, it didn't try to download anything, whereas the last three times I've encountered it, it has started downloading itself automatically.
  7. The funny thing about this is that the couple or so times I ran into it, it didn't try to download anything, whereas the last three times I've encounter it, it has started downloading itself automatically.
  8. Just happened again at this website (I had encountered it there previously): www.bettafish.com I also ran into it at least at one other site, but its name and address escapes me now (sorry, as I deleted my browser history already).
  9. As for sites, this seems to be popping up randomly (the last time being over at the Macrumors website).
  10. Just happened again. Once again I cut it off before it finished downloading, but I did save what was found in my download folder: f.txt.js.download.zip
  11. Nope, no website hosted on my computer. I do have a screen grab of the original popup (I don't recall if the last one I encountered was exactly the same in regards to the numerical portion):
  12. Just had it happen again, and this time it started downloading a f.txt.js.download file without my permission. I ran Malwarebytes afterwards, and it said there were no issues, and there was nothing in my extensions. Meanwhile, I dumped the partially loaded file into trash and immediately dumped it. Any suggestions? This has got me spooked, now that it is downloading files without my permission.
  13. Has anyone else been getting this popup recently, asking "Do you want to allow downloads on XXXXXX.safeframe.googlesyndication." I've encountered this type of popup on other sites before, but this one appears to be different, as those I've encountered before have specific information related to those sites, but this one is generic. Also, it seems to be following me around to other websites as well. As with similar popups on my iPhones, I've immediately quit Safari before going any further. I ran Malwarebytes afterwards, and it indicates no issues, but I was curious as to just what t
  14. Many thanks to everyone for your responses and advice, as it is greatly appreciated.
  15. I am on a Mac. I took Kapersky's advice, and attended the meeting via the web browser, and did not load the app itself. I realize that today's browser's are sandboxed, but still concerned in regards to any potential exposure to spyware, malware, etc. Since the meeting, I have run multiple scans with Malwarebytes Premium and Reikey, and so far neither have detected any threats or activity. Are there any other scans I need to run, or should I be okay? Thanks.
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