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  1. Seems to be working. I was trying the Automatic Multihop with 2 servers, but it keeps disconnecting me so i will stick with the single server. Up until now its working ok.
  2. txtt.txt Thanks for the clean up. Tbh each time i read your reply and remember the title i put i am embarrassed for it.
  3. I have removed Rio Vanguard. PC seems to be running very good.
  4. Hello, i have updated all the programs you have listed. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. The motherboard is ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 Intel Z370 So.1151 Dual Channel DDR4 ATX Retail SecurityCheck.txt
  6. Okay Step 1: Done Step 2: Microsoft OneDrive is disabled from startup Step 3: Is it my motherboard, i build my PC myself. I also didint know that the mother board needs drivers 😬 Step 4: Done Step 5: Done Fixlog.txt Step 6: Done Addition.txtFRST.txt Thanks a lot for all the help so far. Fixlog.txt
  7. Addition.txtFRST.txt I think i have done all of it. Both of the files are in polish, if you need i can try to change my system language to english so that the files will be also in english. At the Step 3. the program has found 2 files, but those 2 very Cheat Engine which always shows up, at least what i read about it. Anyway i left it in quarantine. Do you need to log from ESET Online Scanner? I think i didint save that, but i can do it again if you need it. Also can i already install Malwarebytes programs?
  8. Hello, thanks for replying. I would very much like your help with those issuses and settings and sorry if its my bad that the program is not working well for me. If you could type for me what i would have to do in order i will. I would start tomorrow after work. About Riot Vanguard i guess i can delete it to see if its causing the problems. Thanks!
  9. With VPN on With VPN off I might have not typed everything clearly. Ping/download/upload was never the problem, packet loss is, i don't know if servers are crushing or are poor quality, but when i do experience those problems i just turn Malwarebytes Privacy off and all of the sudden i have no more packet loss and my internet is back again. And those problems are not all the time. Most of the time everything is going with no problem. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. So i have since a long time Malwarebytes Premium and so far i am happy with it. I always thought that Malwarebytes in general was above average when it came to the quality. Then about half a year ago, maybe longer, i learned about Malwarebytes Privacy. Since privacy and gaming are important to me i was always using some kind of VPN. I thought that since i was happy with Malwarebytes i might as well get the VPN from them. What can i say about it? Its a good VPN *if you don't game online*, but nothing amazing. For that price the VPN has less than satisfying number of possible countries. If that was all then i could live with that, but the thing is that this VPN is just sometime not working. Sometimes if you wonder why you have no internet at all, then just disconnect from the VPN, your internet is just fine. Sometimes while gaming online *which for is VPN, offline makes no sense at all to have VPN* your internet loss is just disgustung, jumping from 0-4% to 20% in a few seconds, then drops again and jumps high again. If its looking like that i might aswell don't have it at all. I will wait to the end of my subscription and then swich for sometime to another VPN.
  11. So i have/had the same problem, but i am on Windows 10. Reinstalling the MB Privacy helped twice so far.
  12. So i turned it off and while Malwarebytes didint open at the start it did give me message "Unable to connect the Service" while i tried to open it manually. I can't see Malwarebytes proces running, unless its called something else and i didint see it. I still can't unistall it - it gives me error while trying to do so.
  13. Hello, i will try disabling fast startup, but the other one is not true. I turn off my PC each day.
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