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  1. It took 24 hours but the computer did reboot at 3:00 PM. Makes me made. Thought I had one problem cured. Thanks for your time. I read the other post about Lisa. I will write to her.
  2. Forgot - Still no re-boots after the uninstall.
  3. I know you must be a busy person but can you give me a comment about the CPU Usage problem or send me to the right section. I will alert Lisa at Malwarebytes about the problem with 4.1.1. Thanks.
  4. Porthos - OK, plenty of problems this morning and then between 2 and 3 PM, this laptop re-booted 5 times in rapid succession. When I was finally able to get in the first thing I did was DELETE Malwarebytes 4.1.1. Have not had an issue for the past 6 1/2 hours. I was on the ACER Community site and my model seem to have had this problem a lot even right out of the box. Also I have only seen two messages about my CPU usage. Malwarebytes send me this like for the CPU Usage boxes that pop up. Looks extremely complicated to me and would like your opinion. https://docs.microsoft.com/
  5. Porthos - Sorry to report but I am still getting the unwanted reboots. Today was one right after another. Saturday I had 4 re-boots in about 5 hours. Maybe Monday, one re-boot was with only Chrome open with two windows. Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Finance. ACER doesn't want to talk to me but I am calling them and telling them that I have worked with Community help and the problem persists.
  6. Mostly Yahoo Mail but later today, I was having slowness with (I can't remember) but what ever it was, it was not slow before. Next time I am going to check my speed. I have Verizon and when I first hooked up a few years ago the technician told me I was lucky because all the support equipment to my home was new and the latest. In Thailand, a 3rd rate country, my Internet is 100 Mbs and costs me a little over $200 for the year as I pay for a year up front. But I just want into my home that has been empty for up to 7 months turn on my laptop and I have the Internet. Just this year they are
  7. I used to be a FireFox only browser user but it is much slower than Chrome. Takes forever for anything to come up for me. Forget IE. But I do have to use it for one service is use for trading stock. Other than this, all Chrome. This morning the Yahoo mail was so slow, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. A heart attack is not far off for me as I have heart disease, had a by-pass 16 years ago and an artificial heart valve 3 years ago. It would take 20 -30 seconds to open an email, and the same time to sent a reply. Could not scroll my list. I finally called the number wher
  8. "I am sure it has something to do with Software Reporter tool. Do you know about this and the connection" I don't know what you are asking here. I tried following the instructions here but they are either incomplete or they assume I know more about computers than I know. Should I try again to remove the Software Reporter tool or just ignore the messages. This is a fairly recent development too as far as things going wrong. I use Yahoo Mail. They recently started ads. I was using Adblock Plus and they keep telling me to remove it. With the amount of emails I get and it taking so
  9. Hi Portos, I just went to check if what I have on my Norton 360 Deluxe as file exclusions were the same as you sent me under the title "Malwarebytes for Windows antivirus exclusions list". Attachment 'Exclusions for Norton' was given to me by Malwarebyts support. This did stop a problem I had back when I contacted support. The Exclusions you sent to me are in the 2nd attachment and I don't know if you want these added to the other exclusions I have in Norton. Please review both and advise. Thanks much. thaipo
  10. I just updated the the latest item above. Still not sure of one thing. How should I close my computer before going to bed. Last night I closed all windows, turned off the Internet and and put the computer in sleep mode. Moved the mouse this morning, it wakes up and I open the window needed. No problems so far today. I want to go back and make sure all the exclusions are there as they should be. This laptop gets used a lot. The speed is up to 6 GHz. Have 6 Mb Ram. I have two monitors. I trade stocks and options and just keep an eye on things. I have the Schwab Streetsmart op
  11. Hi Portos - This is Part II response to this email to me. Actually it is more of a question. How am I supposed to shut down my computer every night before bed. I was clicking 'Shut Down' and then boot up in the morning. For a while now I have closed the Internet and the put the computer in 'Sleep mode'. Then when it would get slow I would do the 'Shut down' again. Malwarebyts sent me something the other day that said it is best to 'Restart' my laptop to completely shut everything off. I just looked at this article again and it shows how to create a shortcut to shut the computer down tha
  12. I hope I can make sense to you. I read that you wanted me to turn off the fast startup and then to a 'restart'. I read in the article that having the 'Hibernate' button off would also disable the 'fast startup', When I got to step 3 the Hibernate button was NOT checked. So when I changed the setting, I unchecked 'Turn on fast startup' and placed a check mark in the 'Hibernate' block and saved the changes. There was no UAC for me to click YES as in step 4. But it does say "If prompted." I closed everything out and did a 'Restart.' Guess what happened? After the restart, I clicked to ope
  13. Hi Porthos - Thanks for understanding and sticking with me. I had 3 unexpected reboots today and then the laptop was so slow I just did a Re-start and since then it has been a lot faster. The mbst-grab results are attached. Thanks again. mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. Hate to tell you but I am an older person and I am scared to death to do some of these things and there are steps I plain do not understand. Step 1 is understandable. I do not have a VPN but do use Norton 360 Delux. Malwarebyts gave me a list of 6 things to put in my exclusions last Sep and I checked and they are still there. Attached is what was excluded. I will take time and try to follow the instructions. The computer rebooted 3X on Thurs, 2X on Friday, 0 on Sat and 1 time yesterday. Vernon Pobanz
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