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  1. I have windows 7, and I am not finding the Memory.dmp in the place you indicated me, do i need a program to generate one?
  2. Oh... forgot to save it xD I can do the scan again, if the program does see them, but they are the launchers of a foreign program i need, i use them from years and nothing happened until my update, i suspect there is something on the other drives, because it's them Malwarebytes is scanning when i get a bluescreen.
  3. Finished the scan right now, no significant result, just the usual false positives that I am aware of.
  4. I am aware on the fact that custom scans that span the entire pc are not a thing to do daily (even because it takes more than 4 hours every time) usually i make them 2 times per month, but from the last update it started to give me bluescreen when i attempt it, and i've read around that it could be a malware doing that too, that's why i wrote in this forum.
  5. That works normally, but i prefer the entire PC scanning as i don't always install things on the place it scans normally.
  6. Blue Screen once again, it didn't work in the slightest.
  7. .... sorry, the connection just died for a second and duplicated the posts, my bad.
  8. Done, the versions now coincide with the numbers you said.
  9. Good evening, i don't know why after the last update that i did this morning, when i try to do a scanning of all my pc and of all the Hard Disks, during the process my PC goes bluescreen, its the first time in all the life of this pc, that is pretty powerful by himself, that i get a bluescreen, i tried all day, using the tool to remove Malwarebytes and reinstalling it through it, and the problem is still there, every time i try to do a scan of the entire pc.
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