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  1. Oh right - Just to clarify I am using Personal Edition v20.1 Build 4290. This is the portable edition of MobaX, and not the full installation.
  2. The files are enclosed here. supectedFiles.zip
  3. @cli I'll attempt to get the files. @Porthos The logs from the Support Tool are attached here. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hi y'all! I've been working with MobaXTerm with sometime. I use it to connect to my local media server. I was attempting to organize my files today in the middle of one of the scans, when I saw that Malwarebytes reported something "MXT" on Quarantine. I quarantined it and did not care. Currently performing a system-wide scan, but I remembered that MXT can be MobaXTerm. Guess I was right, because something called bin/bash was quarantined. Is this is a false positive? Just for some information: I do have some scripts on the server to facilitate the process of organizing files on the remote machine. If I execute a bash script on this machine, can the Malwarebytes scan be impacted? Thanks.
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