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  1. Can't I edit my previous post? Computer/Network Information: Win 10 64bit Direct Tv/ATT Uverse (internet) Wireless network 3 PC 3-4 mobile devices Alexa/ Devices (I have to accept risks associated with this. I will manage the best I can) 3 Tablets (School) I trust the teen with the Desktop to do what we tell them - pretty much to "the letter" (exactly what we said). The two younger with the tablets. They might be too young to fully get it. But I will check their devices weekly or as needed.
  2. Hi, Still pretty bad but I think I worked it out. I called paypal (whose not there - covid19) and my bank. Who are both involved in the resolution process. I use passwords so complicated I do not remember them - google chrome remembers them. The credit cards have been deleted and new banking information obtained, I am safer. I do not know what type of attack it was. The investigation takes 3-10 + days (From Paypal & My bank). There is myself, girlfriend and 3 children in the home. There is my PC which I have been using for 6 months, girls laptop and teens desk top. There
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