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  1. i tried messaging but the website wouldnt let me message saying my msg has a spam word. The dialogue box that pops up whenever we try to run anything as administrator, tries to come up everytime i try to install anything or change any setting that requires admin rights, but the dialogue box doesnt appear. Screen goes blurr for a couple of seconds but nothing happens after that. also i get error msg i have attached
  2. Hello there, I have a dell vostro 5568. I had to get the motherboard changed and now the board is from dell 7460. I get this message at start up :- Alert! TPM device not detected. I checked the boot menu and under the security tab there is no option related to TPM. The problem: I cannot run anything as admin. I have just one user account and that is the admin. Whenever i download any exe file, i am unable to install it. I tried changing the user account settings, but it wont let me change the default settings to let third party apps get installed. I tried using safe mode but the antivirus wont work because of BFE is turned off error. Please help me. Either this is virus or TPM. I dont know.
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