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  1. Everything is fixed now. Thanks for your help through all the problems.
  2. I am resetting my pc tonight. I cant remember what password i used to log into MalwareBytes though and i did not find a option to reset it so i will probably have to make a new account under the same name so you can find me and we can continue this.
  3. I havent reset my pc yet but my windows defender is gone again. Ill try to do it in the next few days
  4. Now after like an hour of using the pc i randomly got a blue screen. Not sure if it has anything to do with that
  5. I Did everything as told above. Nothing has changed. Everything is still the same_Windows_Repair_Log.txt
  6. I Havent done it yet. Doing it today. Was busy the last few days
  7. I did everything as told on the website and nothing has changed
  8. I sent screenshots above. Im not able to do some settings on my computer or do Windows updates. It says that the settings are managed by an organisation on my computer.
  9. The organisation thing. It still says that stuff is managed by an organisation and i dont have power to change that
  10. The computer rebooted. Here are the logsFixlog.txt I Looked into the logs and there is an Error but written in german even tho FRST is running english
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