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  1. Contacted 2Checkout just now, they were able to find my payment and forwarded me my original message with the activation key. Thanks to everyone who helped!
  2. No problem, I think it was mostly me trying to find a way to explain the issue that made sense and not being able to convey it properly. Appreciate the followup.
  3. Thanks, Porthos! I'll try them in case my credit card company can't help. I appreciate all of the answers from both of you. Yall have a good one!
  4. So when they ask for a purchase reference number I can just ask my credit card company to provide some official proof for the payment? It's not a specific Malwarebytes related record linked to my account? Because upon opening my ticket I led with a screenshot of my credit card statement and that didn't seem to work. I appreciate your help so far, thanks!
  5. That's the problem, though. They didn't seem to understand the issue and were asking for my purchase reference number or correct email address associated with the purchase. I have no purchase reference number because it isn't associated with the account because I didn't have one at the time of the purchase and my email address is the only one I use. They also have stopped answering me.
  6. Sorry for double post, that's actually the first thing I did. I just realized after clicking on the link. I thought it might have been another form that I might have missed when opening my first ticket.
  7. Hey, Porthos thanks for the fast answer. I have already completed my account setup through malwarebytes.com and still nothing has happened. The account was made around 2 weeks ago. Is there any way to track this whole process through the transaction and the card I made the purchase with? I know you're only a volunteer, but figured I might ask anyways. Aditionally, my account has no record of the payment nor does it have any subscriptions associated with it.
  8. I've already opened a ticket with support via email but it feels like they aren't reading what I'm writing and it's been quite frustrating, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I downloaded the free-trial of Malwarebytes on April 24, 2020. To download and install the free-trial I wasn't asked for any information nor was I asked to create an account (<<this detail is VERY IMPORTANT). It was as easy as double-clicking the .exe and once the setup was finished and the software was installed, everything was working perfectly. I ran a scan, found some PUPs and got rid of them. Great! As my free-trial neared its end, I thought I liked it the software enough to buy a premium membership, which I did through the desktopp app: I entered my credit card information and waited to receive instructions for activation. Again, all done through the desktop app without having an account: I placed the order and waited for my transaction to be processed by my credit card company, which it was on May 8, 2020: From that day until now I haven't received my key. Shortly after this, I realized that since keys are to be emailed to you and I was NEVER PROMPTED TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT, that I was never going to get my key. So I made an account and contacted support. I also though once I made an account and associated it with my desktop app that somehow it would automatically link the payment that had been made to my newly created account, but nope. What's weird to me is how I was allowed to make a payment WITHOUT HAVING AN ACCOUNT if an account is a necessary part of the process to obtain a key. My email exchanges with support led nowhere since they didn't understand what the issue was. Maybe it was my fault for failing to explain it properly, but it was still quite frustrating and I'm hoping someone can help me out here. Thanks!
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