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  1. Thank You, I will check this later. I use Mozilla so thanks for linking the instructions for it too. Do You have any idea why is MB the only program that opening of which doesn't close that menu which appears after clicking Start on Windows bar (sorry, I don't know what is it's proper name)?
  2. Also, when I open MB by right clicking it in windows bar (after clicking Start) and opening as administrator the bar (the one that opens when You click Start) doesn't disappear. It seems to happen only with MB, when I open another program the bar hides. Is this a problem/error? It isn't anything serious, is it?
  3. Done. The triangle disappeared. Will buy premium when I have more money. Thanks
  4. Thanks. Today my premium trial ended and now there is an orange triangle on MB with white ! logo at the windows bar. I had premium trial before but it is the first time i see that triangle. Is this icon there because the trial ended? Can I somehow make it disappear?
  5. Thanks. Also: when I click RMB on Malwarebytes icon (windows bar) there are a few options I can click: check updates, protection status and below that there is "add exception for the site that was detected earlier". Is this option there because it was the last detection made by MB?
  6. Hello, I tried to access one site and it was blocked by Malwarebytes (information that something lasted too long with connection on firefox and information from Malwarebytes that the site is infected with trojan. So is my pc safe? Everything should be good if the site was blocked, right? I won't try to access this site again.
  7. And if there is no problem with launching the game then there is no harm in blocking these IPs?
  8. Ok, I think I understand now. So there is nothing to worry about even if MB blocks some IP from War Thunder. Thank You very much.
  9. What does this mean? They (blocks) don't affect anything but I'm worried why are they happening. Is there something wrong with War Thunder? I've got another one today (attachments). Also, do You know anything about that saving directory thing? What happened? Looks like I can save there MB log but only 1 time, later there is notification that i lack permission. WarThunderLogs3.txt
  10. Hello again, a few days ago I've obtained free 14 days of Malwarebytes premium. When i tried launching War Thunder there were 2 notifications about blocking something malicious (it happened while launcher was opened). These blocks didn't affect the game as it could still be launched and when I tried launching it later, Malwarebytes didn't detect anything. There was also a website i tried to access for some information and again MB detected something. Is this a false positive or a legitimate detection? Is this something dangerous or just a false positive? I'm sending logs in attachments.
  11. Hello, Malwarebytes has flagged war thunder launcher as trojan when I openned the launcher. Is this a false positive or is there a problem? Scan made after that notification didn't find anything. There is a screen (sry, it is in Polish)
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