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  1. I've found those entries in the Event Log. Is this something that I should be worrying about? Sorry, the text is in Polish. I can provide more translation if needed. The one with the new Provider registered seems more serious, doesn't it? In the Event Log, there are more entries like the one on the screenshot. The providers' names: DMWmiBridgeProv, DMWmiBridgeProv1, DSCCoreProviders, EventTracingManagement, WsmAgent, MINT, AssignedAccess and some others. The other event is about metadata staging failed. My Windows is Windows 10 Education (but I use it as a personal computer, it's not registered in any company). Is this something I should be worried about? Or is it just a normal thing?
  2. Hey, I had my PC launched with Malwarebytes in the background and while I came back there was an ad in the lower right corner. It said something about Schooling the hackers and 3 devices protection iirc. Is this a normal thing? I don't remember If I've seen Malwarebytes ads appearing before. I closed the ad by clicking "x" on it.
  3. I think I will keep FRST but if I decide to delete it then I'll use Your advice. Rest of the programs can be just deleted as they didn't install, right? And about the discord. If I want to reinstall it then I should uninstall it from the Control Panel (Add and remove programs) and then install a new one after a pc's reboot?
  4. I don't understant that question about using a translator if everything is good. Sorry for mistakes I've made. So everything looks good? If that's true then I think that's all. Maybe quick questions: 1) what about that discord? Looks like it's updated as more people have the same version as I do 2)what does that advanced protection service? I don't have to turn it on? 3)it that high usage happens again and then decreases then I shouldn't worry, right? Edit: oh and what to do with those programs I downladed?
  5. It should be something like that: Advanced protection from dangers/threats in Windows Defender service. Service Advanced Protection from malware in Windows Defender allows protection from advanced threats by monitoring and raporting security events that are happening on the PC. About the discord I've asked some people about the version and they say they have the same version as I do.
  6. So everything else is good? Discord says it's should be updating to the newest version when it's launching. But I can reinstall it if it helps. Here is the screenshot.
  7. @AdvancedSetup When I was observing it it was increasing and decreasing (sometimes 100% and sometimes 3-6%). Most time I checked was soon after launching the pc. So how does it look like overall? If I understand it correctly then everything seems to be good and I can use the pc without worrying. Is it right? I also asked about that Advanced protection Windows Defender service that is turned off. Is it connected to some information that user can choose to share or not to share? The PC is protected now isn't it? The data gathered by those tools is safe, right? There was that warning about some data like password. There were also some corrupted files but sfc /scannow repaired them. What should I do now? Sorry for so many questions.
  8. Thank You. I'm not sure what should I look for. Maybe the screenshots will be enough. I've found that process (in the last screen, it is highlighted by a mouse click). I've seen another process with the same name appearing for a while (red color).
  9. @AdvancedSetup After changing the options it asked me if i want to make a scan. I pressed f5 too. I had to accept virustotal's privacy and policy and there was something about gathering data such as password. Nothing bad will happen, right? Screenshot presents the other tool (for a second one of the processes close to COM Surrogate was orange/red but it disappeared/changed color). Can I dalete those programs now? How should I do it? autoruns.zip
  10. Which one should I use? What does that sysinternals autoruns if there is a virustotal option there?
  11. Thank for Your help as always. Here are the logs (a few seconds after starting the FRST scan Malwarebytes started its automatic scan. I hope it isn't a problem. Sorry for being paranoic but one of virustotal scanners detects something in that Process Explorer (screenshot) and there is one community comment saying "fake process explorer"? (I put the zip folder to the virustotal). I know it should be safe if You recommend it but I just wanted to be sure. FRST.txt Addition.txt Shortcut.txt
  12. Today it also showed 100% of disc usage for some time. Now it went down. I did sfc /scannow and this is the result:
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