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  1. Found it in Registry edit, Very weird that none of the programs searched registry for this But I manually deleted it and fixed it ty for all your help.
  2. I will look into the tools in a bit I need this virus off my pc lol I have something to do rn
  3. this is not a prebuilt its a used pc that used to have windows 10 but I reinstalled with the kms r@in thingy, theres no restore point this problem is from the start I just decided to try to solve it now.
  4. windows didnt detect any threats with its scanning
  5. Help plz I have internet and its stopping the server communication.
  6. I am full scanning I guess. you know what offline scan does? msert.log
  7. nope no activation issues just that I noticed that the malware is still running somehow and spiking sppsvc to 35% usage and hogging my pc. therefore making it something I need to remove. scan is almost over. thanks alot for the guiding btw.
  8. I am asking about the license cause I just want to remove the pirated activation from my pc (cause It says to me its activated RN,) and use my legit key cause you know.
  9. I clicked disable, "MsMpEng.exe Antimalware Service Executable" Spikes up when I am scanning right now. maybe windows is doing it in the background but it spikes up to 20% or so cpu usage. in separate note unrelated to the scanning I found when I click these(attached) when I search activation in windows settings, Windows Software Protection Program(sppsvc) spikes up alot and freezes (doesnt load the activation settings and doesnt check windows license).
  10. uhh on the point of do I disable eset or enable?
  11. uhhh.. i think it skipped it cause it already detected it before or somthing msert.log malware bytes4.txt
  12. I intentionally omitted them my apologies but can you point any omitted ones you dislike?
  13. I've had a non legit copy of Windows10 with the KMS-R@1n activator. It's chewing up most of my CPU with the Windows Software Protection Program going at it trying to remove it? I went about deleting some of reg entries I could find with KMS-R@1n in them manually. I also deleted some files. Still, it, or perhaps something else is causing the Windows Software Protection to use a ton of CPU. I've included logs below. I greatly, greatly, appreciate any help provided on this issue. I also ran some of the fixes posted in other threads for people with similar issues but it appears like i
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