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  1. My computer just gave me the option to go back to the previous version but I clicked cancel and followed the steps that you gave me. So after pressing number 5, I was patient and watched it reboot. Automatic Repair popped up stating "your PC did not start correctly". I have 2 options. 1. restart 2.Advanced options.
  2. Yes once I click this it then restarts and goes back to Automatic Repair.
  3. So I'm not sure what I clicked accidentally on my keyboard but now I have the option to select enable safe mode with Networking. Crap, as I was typing this it just went away and my computer shut off.
  4. Then this one pops up. You see how I can't just select one of them. I would have to select all of the following.
  5. Unsuccessful attempts. I'm back to Automatic Repair.
  6. I can't just chose "enable safe mode" I can only chose to click restart and it enables safe mode, bot logging, debuggin mode, low res. I can't just chose one of the options it does all of them.
  7. Hey I'm on my other windows 10 computer replying to you. I'm on advanced options now. I don't see where it says "safe mode with networking". I have the following, System Restore, Startup Repair, Command Prompt, UEFI Firmware Settings, System Image Recovery, and another startup settings. When I click on the secound startup settings it says restart to change windows options such as: and it has enable safe mode as one of the options.
  8. When I hold it down and everything starts to boot back up it says “preparing Automatic Repair”. Then shortly after it says diagnosing your PC, then it goes to a blue screen screen and says Automatic Repair. “Your pc did not start correctly. Restart or advanced options
  9. No this is just the first day I’m trying to get rid of it because it’s annoying. I’ll restart my computer like you said but I’m 95% sure it’s going to pop up again. I’ll update you when I restart it.
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