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  1. Hiya Kevin, sorry for the delayed reply, life got in the way as per... so going through the instructions for sync etc on Google. I know it says to do the same things on ANY computer that you’re signed in to with chrome, so I’m logged into phones etc including my mothers laptop etc. Firstly, how do I run a scan on my iPhone 5 and iPad...? Also, will it be crucial for me to remove myself and do the same on my mothers laptop even though I haven’t used it for a while? Or should I log into it remotely to make sure it’s cleaned too? sorry for all of the questions!
  2. I thought it was Chrome that was causing the issues, Im logged into chrome on a load of devices so I'll have a go at sorting it all out and following your guidance tomorrow. Won't be able to get to it today. Thanks so much for all of your help. Tracey
  3. Hi Kevin, Please see attached. MWB_0206 is the scan from this morning. MWBSCAN is one I have just run. I haven't done anything other than these scans on the PC, so I'm unsure of why there is a difference between the two. The system was restarted between scans however. Thanks MWB_0206.txt MWBSCAN.txt
  4. Hiya Kevin, The system seems to be somewhat faster, however the Malware Bytes scan this morning, returned 13 PUP. again... Is this just something I'm going to have to deal with? Thanks, Tracey
  5. Hi Kevin, Sorry for the delayed reply. I finally got the ESET to run. Here is the details of the log file 29/05/2020 13:25:28 Files scanned: 617832 Detected files: 0 Cleaned files: 0 Total scan time: 04:54:53 Scan status: Finished Should I still run the MSRT Scan? Thanks
  6. Hiya Kevin, So yesterday, whilst running the ESET scan my pc decided to reboot itself... Due to the length of time the scan was taking to run I have waited until this morning to try and run the scan again. However, this morning the programme wont open? I have since tried to delete the original file and re-download it, however no joy. Any ideas? I have attached the FIXLOG that did manage to complete. Thanks again, Tracey Fixlog.txt
  7. Thanks Kevin, running the FIX now. However i've had a pop up of "ret2" with just "2" and an "ok" selection. Just checking that this is normal..? Thanks
  8. Addition.txtFRST.txtAdwCleaner[C03].txtMalwaerbytesScan.txt Hiya Kevin, I think I've managed to attach the correct files. If this isnt right, please let me know, really appreciate the help! Thanks! Tracey
  9. Struggling with a slow running PC. Running Malwarebyters software reveals between15-25 PUP.Optional files, that don't seem to remove. Conduit, Legacy, MySearch, Perion, Sweetpacks, Funmoods. How can I get rid of these correctly? Thanks
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