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  1. Thank you for you help. The laptop is running smoothly now.
  2. I uninstalled Mozilla when we first started fixing the laptop. I didnt install it again because I was suspicious about the browser and the way it affected the system. I would like to install it again and use it as main browser
  3. The scan didn't find anything. The laptop runs smooth lately. I noticed from the log that the restriction for Mozilla is removed. Is it completely safe to install it again now? And are the other errors fixed?
  4. Hello. Do you mind to explain to me what this script is going to fix ? I am extra cautios and would like to know what I am doing
  5. mbst-grab-results.zipscan.txt sorry for the delay.
  6. Hi again. I am still digging into it I found a suspicious Mozilla folder which I deleted. Ill send a link to explain it better. https://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/ph/threat-encyclopedia/malware/Trojan.Win32.DLOADR.AUSUUF/ Also something that I noticed in Malwarebytes... I have turned On scans for Rootkits but after every scan the report says it is Disabled. Sorry again if its too much.
  7. Sorry for my questions. And sorry for being back here but the laptop is not working as good as it used to. There are processes in The Task Manager that use too much % disk or memory. Trying to play a game online for example is impossible because of lag or high % usage. After a restart the windows runs very bad and slow. Sorry again if it is too much information or questions. Would understand if you cant assist anyone.
  8. scan.txt The laptop runs and feels good. It is working smooth. I thought that I still didnt do the Cleanmgr scan and clean up. Is it still worth doing or ? How can I make sure that the old Mozilla data is completely cleaned ?
  9. I switched to beta and updated to latest versions. Now it's running a normal scan and so far nothing found.
  10. Can you please explain me more about the problem and what you found from the logs? If it is possible, before I do that
  11. info.txt logfile of random's system information tool 1.10 2020-05-27 17:17:13 ======MBR====== 0x33C08ED0BC007C8EC08ED8BE007CBF0006B90002FCF3A450681C06CBFBB90400BDBE07807E00007C0B0F850E0183C510E2F1CD1888560055C6461105C6461000B441BBAA55CD135D720F81FB55AA7509F7C101007403FE46106660807E1000742666680000000066FF760868000068007C680100681000B4428A56008BF4CD139F83C4109EEB14B80102BB007C8A56008A76018A4E028A6E03CD136661731CFE4E11750C807E00800F848A00B280EB845532E48A5600CD135DEB9E813EFE7D55AA756EFF7600E88D007517FAB0D1E664E88300B0DFE660E87C00B0FFE664E87500FBB800BBCD1A6623C0753B6681FB54435041753281F9
  12. Farbar is still running and scanning Firefox. I noticed that there is FRST.txt but not the second one. I also found that old topic and the guys have similar problem with mozilla. How should I hard clean up it?
  13. I uninstalled Mozilla and deleted the cache I found. I ran Spybot which found around 15 items. Many coming from the browsers. I use mostly Mozilla and tbh I haven't cleaned history or old bookmarks for very very long time. So I did it. Uninstalled the browser completely or at least what I thought. I restarted the laptop, it was running horrible. Right now I am running f r s t scan and it's been more than 30 mins. For the last ~15 it's scanning only mozilla... I went through AppData folder and in Roaming I fought a copy of my old mozilla profile with bookmaks and backups. Should I delete it man
  14. I am getting a bit nervous about all this. Hour ago I finally stopped the scan - almost 60 hours of non stop scanning and millions of files. Its unreal. I only chose to scan drive C... And no way there are that many files on it. I tried to run the FRST scan as you asked me - it froze during scanning of my main browser - mozilla. I cleaned the cache a few times.. I didnt even use it that much for the past days because I let the laptop scan for most of the time. So now I uninstalled mozilla completely and will try to run frst scan again.
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