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  1. All done! Many thanks Porthos. Would I be able to use this link for any subsequent upgrades from now on please?
  2. I have recently received notification of a premium upgrade on my PC that is telling me Upgrade 4.1.0 is available. However on having a look through the MB forum there appears to be upgrades to 4.1.53 etc. IS this a genuine notification as surely if it was it should show the full description of the upgrade ID not just 4.1.0? Thanks
  3. Hi Porthos - we have lift off!! It has downloaded ok and the icon is now there so I can access the screen now. I am just restarting it and then I will hit the hay but I owe you one of those exotic drinks with an umbrella in it - sincere thanks for your patience and your kind help. Keef
  4. Hi Porthos - It is downloading but very slowly - what I have done this time is gone with the advanced option and downloading from there and the box for the desktop shortcut is ticked.
  5. OK thank you Porthos - I did watch the video and watched it again just now but straightaway the problem is the clicking of the icon at the beginning. I don't have the icon. I will download it again now.
  6. This is the problem - there is no desktop icon to open. The only thing that is there is a text icon which when you open it only gives me the license key.
  7. Yes it is showing in the apps as Malwarebytes version - I had it on free trial and upgraded - maybe that is causing the issue.
  8. Right - but how can I activate it without a screen interface? Where is the screen interface to activate it
  9. Thak you Porthos but I have done this many times and it just goes into a loop where I download it OK and once that is done I then have exactly the same problem to try and activate it without some interface screen. Shall I completely uninstall it and then install again but I have already paid for it a week ago
  10. It is Windows 10 - I have registered as it comes up with The product key you are trying to use is already registered. All I want is the screen where I can enter the key to activate it. I am assuming that just registering it does not activate it - It shows up in the apps in the settings but there seems to be no screen I can access
  11. Thanks for the replies - But where do I go to open Malwarebytes. It's only in my settings as an app. I have the key. In that video tutorial it shows clicking on an icon that I don't have.
  12. It does not tell me how I get to Item 1!!! Activate Premium license on Windows Open Malwarebytes for Windows.
  13. Thanks but the link does not give the answer I want
  14. I have bought and downloaded Malwarebytes for use on my home PC but how do I get the interface page that lets me enter my License ID? Once I had downloaded it, I expected the page to come up automatlically but it doesn't. As a result my download won't work until I enter the key - has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
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