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  1. the scans come up nothing now. It is clean and things are running normally.
  2. I successfully have done a system restore via repair upgrade. Here is a scan of the computer SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  3. Not those. I usually try not to update my computer due to bugs from new releases. Also, there is nothing from system restore, so I think I will try a repair install. It says there is no system restore point.
  4. I tried that already, and it doesn't work. It keeps saying either a driver issue or something, and refuses to fix, saying it failed. I don't really use system restore, so I am currently downloading a copy of Windows 10 iso on my mobile to copy to my computer and do a repair upgrade.
  5. I have done the scan, but my laptop cannot connect to the internet anymore. No network is found, despite it being connected to a WiFi point. It says No Internet, Secured. It shows that I don't even have any active networks running, despite my laptop bring connected to the wifi point. Usually, it shows that a WiFi is active, even if it's not connected to the internet. This happened after I left the scan on and came back to my house, and found my laptop unable to connect to the internet.
  6. will I lose my chrome extensions files and other files like EA Origin, utorrent, and some of my software and other files that keep coming up as false positive if i do the scan and cleanup?
  7. I have Malwarebytes, and AdwCleaner is where the detections pop up. Also, both Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner both detects Auslogics Disk Defrag as malware, so if I quarantine them, then it will quarantine all of the registry keys related to the programs and even the uninstaller and executables, rendering it impossible to uninstall or run them. The Adwcleaner files I sent you is from the AdwCleaner scan, which I used to scan the computer. Also, some of my third party Chrome extensions get removed when I do a scan, despite them being legitimate (They are like the User Agent Switcher etc (which is actually from the Google Chrome web store by the way, and I use it for changing my User Agent on websites). Malwarebytes doesn't detect anything, but all detections came from AdwCleaner. Due to false positives like EA Origin being deleted by Malwarebytes and some of my old visual novels like School Days, Fate/Stay Night, or some others (I would like to not name some) being constantly detected as viruses, I would like to know what to manually, not just randomly quarantine anything and get errors from all of my software. I know some personally like GlobalUpdate and KuaiZip as I personally had problems with these for years, but the problem is that I cannot sort what stuff are actually malware or not, as some are related to Auslogics, while some are just malware. Anyway, here are the requested documents. I quarantined the GlobalUpdate and KuaiZip, as those are known. Malwarebytes scan July 20-2020.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Malwarebytes Premium keeps detecting the connection to an outbound connection to one of those two IP address, which is basically a server that hosts a lot of malware. I tried blocking the ports on both incoming and outgoing via the hosts file and via firewall, but it still keeps trying, so that connection blocked alert is constantly popping up. I added a block via Port 443 (which is the one blocked) by adding UDP and TCP, and adding chrome as the target. However, it still doesn't help. I use Auslogics Disk Defragmenter (which keeps popping up as malware despite making sure not to install anything else and avoiding all of those other optional garbage), but that comes up as malware. Also, some of my extensions are not from the google store or some are probably detected as malware by accident, I am not sure which registry files to specifically delete and which ones not to. This is the scan from AdwCleaner, and the two malwarebytes are logs from the blocked reports. I didn't do anything yet after the AdwCleaner scan for now. What should be deleted and what shouldn't be? AdwCleaner[S00].txt malwarebytes blocked connection.txt malwarebytes blocked connection2.txt
  9. My installation of Firefox/Waterfox has been getting threat results lately, with the alert [RiskWare.MisusedLegit.E] constantly popping out. Are the files mozglue.dll and nss3.dll actually viruses, or not? Even the shortcuts to them are being detected as threats. Files.rar
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