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    Many thanks for your advice.
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    It was Facebook messenger.
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    I didn't pass the information on to any contact and never would. In retrospect I definitely don't think it was from ASDA. In fact when looking into this afterwards, it appears to be a common scam to gain personal information.
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    I watched a TV programme about the awful conditions of migrant workers who are working on farms in Spain. This produce tends to come to supermarkets in the UK and I wanted to make sure that these big supermarkets have a robust ethical policy to make sure they don't buy from farmers who treat their workers badly.
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    Hi, Hope you can advise. I am not tech savvy and I have a question. I sent a message to ASDA supermarket on Messenger via my I phone. When they replied in Messenger I stupidly clicked on something which they asked me to do to claim a gift (I know, stupid. ). They then asked me to pass the message on to 30 friends which I did not do and then they sent me another message saying I could not receive my gift until I sent the message on. I have never done anything like this before but because they had replied to my message, I thought it was genuine. I cleared my browsing history and deleted cookies on Safari on my phone, i think. My question is, have I compromised myself in any way? Will the passwords on my phone be compromised etc? Many thanks for any information received.
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