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  1. Hello, I can't follow the instructions about removing all system restore points. Do I click delete? This won't affect my whole files right?
  2. Is everything you provided safe? I'm afraid I'm gonna mess things up and I'll accidentally delete all my files lol
  3. Hello, I wasn't able to do to this yesterday but will try to do it now. Sorry! I'll keep you updated if everything went successfully. Thank you so much for helping me! ❤️
  4. Hello, I think everything works fine. I can open Malwarebytes unlike before and Avast is also working as far as I know.
  5. The UI is different for me (perhaps the version?). I checked the reports tab but it doesn't have the option to save file. Is this helpful?
  6. Hello, I did it but I don't see the 3 chimney icon at the top right hand corner.
  7. Hello I just followed the instructions with the link you sent, but it everything is in error. It says something like "unable to change owner" and "unable to add new permissions" What is causing this?
  8. It's very late right now where I am. I'll do this tomorrow and I'll make sure to update to you. Thanks!
  9. Will do. Why do you have to remove it? Is it the virus/malware itself?
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