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  1. Hello! Unfortunately, I can't share the logs due to the GDPR and CCPA laws, but would it be possible to unblock these hostnames? candychristophe-website.bitballoon.com marcywofford-website.bitballoon.com zen-cori-81888f.bitballoon.com annemariegrahamhudak-website.bitballoon.com ajlankurdoglu-website.bitballoon.com
  2. Hello! I work for aa small company that helps political candidates launch their websites. We use Netlify for hosting. We've had several reports recently that our clients' website was blocked when visitors tried to visit it. In each case they were using Malware Bytes. Below are the websites affected so far and a corresponding screenshot of the message the visitor received. hxxps://www.candychristophe4congress.com/ hxxps://www.marcyfornc.com/ hxxps://www.kaylaforiowa.com/ hxxps://www.voteannemarie.com/ hxxps://www.voteforaj.com/ was also affected, but they did not provide a screenshot. Is it possible for you to do something on your end that would permanently unblock our IP address so that we don't run into this issue going forward? Any insight you can offer would be appreciated! - Amanda from Campaign PIES Tools
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