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  1. So, is there anything else we should do or check or shall we wrap things up?
  2. The notification sign is gone now, I forgot after what exactly but it went away.
  3. No block notice messages from today. So, I gotta ask for some peace of mind. The results so far have been fairly good and I don't really have anything to stress about, right?
  4. Understood and those updates are downloaded. New security check. SecurityCheck new.txt
  5. I use NoScript and uBlock for Firefox, 99.99% of the time I use Firefox, Chrome has only been a backup of sorts. Well aware of the fact that Win7 lost support this year too, I intend on updating but trying to push it as long as I can, I really like 7 over 10. I am a little confused about updates on software like VLC media player, 7-zip, Gimp etc. with Win7 not being supported, is it a better idea to not download anything new or it's absolutely necessary to update everything as soon as possible? SecurityCheck.txt
  6. Nothing really noteworthy was found, fortunately or unfortunately. This does make me wonder though, how come Malwarebytes isn't flagging these things, how come we're using different software for the scans, just to be thorough I assume? msert.log ESET scan.txt
  7. Also went ahead and did the scan again, the shorter one you spoke about earlier, still clear. scan after adwcleaner.txt
  8. Is there any way you can tell me anything about these things it found? Are they significant in any way? Do I have something to worry about etc? AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  9. The "crash" was, imagine the screen looking broken. Different patterns and colors - like someone punched a LCD screen. And then I had to restart the PC. But ontop of that, the first crash had the bottom half of the screen with that photo in a tile pattern, it was like black and white with 70% transparency, honestly it looked like a god damn ghost possessed the PC! I have always been careful and had pride that I've never gotten something that truly put my PC at risk or caused any real issues, I've been good for +10 years, it blows my mind that this has happened today. Always installed via custom/advanced too. I will now run Malwarebytes ADWCLEANER and report back to you.
  10. It's important to mention, I ran a quick scan before the long one and it did find 4 things which I quarantined. But I got the 2nd crash after this event, which lead me to believe that there's still something hidden on the PC. Here is the scan before the one I linked in the original post. 123.txt
  11. About Qbitorrent, it's not on my PC. I read the post about what you need to do before posting here and it said that all of these kinds of things have to be gone so I had it eradicated. If absolutely necessary, I'll run the scan AGAIN and post it tomorrow morning as it's getting late here.
  12. These are the exact settings I ran the scan on already. It'd be pointless to run it the exact same way again, it took 90 minutes to scan. I attached the scan in my original post.
  13. You can call me John. I'll have the reply with the file as soon as it's done.
  14. Hello. I fell for something today and got a bit screwed, I've had my PC crash twice and I'm a bit worried because Malwarebytes hasn't found anything and something else fishy is up. When the first crash occurred there was like this womans photo plastered on the "crashed" screen, never seen that photo in my life lmao. If you look at my screenshot, when I open the program, it shows that everything is enabled but my taskbar shows the ! sign and shows that protection is not enabled - very odd. First time this has happened too. I uhh.. uninstalled the frowned upon executables. Any help would be nice, thank you for your time. scan.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
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