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  1. my computer is a laptop made by Asus modle X556UQ - DM060T (modle number: RTL8723BE) made in june 2016 (bought in august +-)
  2. i mean that the windows will delete all the files and data that was added to the system over the years and leave the computer as if it was it's came from the manufactor. i'll try to fix powershell later (not today or tommorow) if i'll succeed i'll notify it here
  3. yeah i thought about cloaning but now after the infection it's dosn't seems like a good idea. one last quastion,is there a way to reset the HDD meanwhile so i get rid of the infection for sure? thank you so much for all your help and effort,if there's a way to show my gratitude i'd love to know. sorry for being such of a mess case.
  4. i use the Microsoft sever for my SQL class at collage. i will upgrade to an SSD, there is no other options left for me, i cant afford to lose my project even though i backed up every few days, well before danabot hit me and now i prefer to not connect my external HDD to this PC to avoid infecting it. feeling lost,i feel like you probably have removed all of the malware but because my PC if so faulty we can't be sure.
  5. i did considerd to switch to SSD after the semester will end,i didn't wanted to start reinstalling all of the programs that might will have problems to work (like Microsoft server). this is the health,im scaning meanwhile (not looking grate so far) health.txt
  6. ok downloaded the first one did an health scan
  7. i downloaded installed and nothig appered,tryed to scan didn't helped,tryed to reboot my pc,turn off MB, nothing appered
  8. the company is HGST (never hared about them befor)
  9. *methods that i saw (sorry for that,no edit button)
  10. i can't do it because whe i start powershell its opens and immidiatly close itself :\. tryed some methosed that a saw on google to fix it but none of them worked. i know for a fact that's the HDD is failing because i had an SrtTrail.txt error every time i restarted my PC few weeks ago but after a format windows it's resolved and i don't get it any more. sorry that my PC is such a mass,thank you very much for your time and effort.
  11. i see this error in the new file aswell "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.". mybe its has to do something with my bad HDD?
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