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  1. @mbam_mtbr This clearly is a more widespread issue... My guess is most of your users are not sophisticated enough to be reporting it. Appears that Premium subscribers are not being offered on the Google Play Store.
  2. @WantsSafePhone When you say same issue, do you mean you're only able to install version and you are not being offered
  3. @smmi Out of curiosity, what was it doing wrong? How was it malfunctioning?
  4. @mbam_mtbr Only a dozen times. The issue is when I go to the play store, it only offers me The description says it's the April 16, 2020 update. A screenshot is attached. I have the paid-subscription BTW. I have done everything I can think of-- cleared the cache and data for the Play Store App. I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes (always gives me I've disabled the Play Store App, cleared cache & date, shut down the phone, restarted the phone, enabled Play Store App, used NordVPN to try to connect to a different Play Store Server and still
  5. @mbam_mtbr This is completely ridiculous. As of this morning, my Google Play Store app continues to connect to a server which is only offering (April update). Someone on your team needs to reach out to google and insist they immediately propagate the new version to ALL their servers. You may also want to change the version number on the description for those servers that do show the update date of May 26, 2020, but still reports the version number.
  6. Submitted support ticket re: Science inability to neutralize alien Unable to get latest version of from the Google Play Store. Hopefully the awesome techs at Malwarebytes can figure out how to propagate the new version through all Google Play Store platforms since it's just not appearing for me on my cell phone (only from April is available).
  7. It's looking like the version that fixes the problem is https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/sections/360005837354-Release-History-News I just tried reinstalling and Play Store gave me Play Store also shows latest update is from April, not May. However, when I launch play store from my PC in a browser, it shows latest update May 26, 2020 (but still says, which I suspect is incorrect). Play store indicates I have the latest version of the Play Store app installed. Beyond frustrating.
  8. Version that's what's being offered to me on Play Store!! That's the same version from April.
  9. @mbam_mtbr 1) I have created the support ticket and referenced this thread, as requested; 2) As my phone is from Verizon, it comes preinstalled with Verizon's Digital Secure Antivirus App, which I believe is McAfee based; 3) I too have been running Bitdefender alongside Malwarebytes, but this has not been a problem with the file scanning until around May 13th when it no longer scans files, either on demand or on a reboot scan. 4) I am concerned that there are other issues with Malwarebytes that are not related to the current file scanning issue -- specifically, the apparent failure to
  10. I have a Galaxy S9+ and I'm experiencing the same issue, and it started at about the same time. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SCANNING FILES, based upon the progress bar which ends immediately after the app scan, as well as the verbose logs that are viewable when sending a report to Malwarebytes. Here's a sample of a log excerpt before the problem (Emphasis added in bold blue): ----------------------------------------- Last scan information:Time: 2020-05-06T23:16:18.851-04:00Duration (s): 464Type: AFTER_UPDATE_SCANMalware (apps): 0 of total 477Malware (files) : 0 of scanned 48486 --------------
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