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  1. @mbam_mtbr 1) I have created the support ticket and referenced this thread, as requested; 2) As my phone is from Verizon, it comes preinstalled with Verizon's Digital Secure Antivirus App, which I believe is McAfee based; 3) I too have been running Bitdefender alongside Malwarebytes, but this has not been a problem with the file scanning until around May 13th when it no longer scans files, either on demand or on a reboot scan. 4) I am concerned that there are other issues with Malwarebytes that are not related to the current file scanning issue -- specifically, the apparent failure to scan apps that are either updated or installed through Samsung's Galaxy Store. For example, the Instagram App is available from both Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. If I install Instagram from Google Play, Malwarebytes reports a clean scan upon installation. If I install from Galaxy Store, Malwarebytes does not report the scan upon installation at all (whereas both Bitdefender and Digital Secure show it to have been scanned). Thanks for the continued investigation!
  2. Revenic, I sent you a PM ... please take a look and reply when you can. Thanks!
  3. I have a Galaxy S9+ and I'm experiencing the same issue, and it started at about the same time. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SCANNING FILES, based upon the progress bar which ends immediately after the app scan, as well as the verbose logs that are viewable when sending a report to Malwarebytes. Here's a sample of a log excerpt before the problem (Emphasis added in bold blue): ----------------------------------------- Last scan information:Time: 2020-05-06T23:16:18.851-04:00Duration (s): 464Type: AFTER_UPDATE_SCANMalware (apps): 0 of total 477Malware (files) : 0 of scanned 48486 ----------------------------------------- Here's what it now currently reports: ----------------------------------------- Last scan information:Time: 2020-05-14T19:54:53.870-04:00Duration (s): 597Type: ON_DEMANDMalware (apps): 0 of total 477Malware (files) : 0 of scanned 0 In addition to the foregoing, I've noticed two additional problems. Malwarebytes is NOT performing scans on any of the built-in Samsung Apps that are updated through the Galaxy Store (or any app installed from the Galaxy store for that matter). For example, if I install Instagram from the Google Play Store, Malwarebytes will perform a scan and log in in the Scan history. If, however, I install Instagram from the Samsung Galaxy Store, Malwarebytes does not show a scan of it. This, coupled with the fact that it absolutely is not scanning files, leads me to believe there is a significant problem. Most users may not even be aware of this. Finally, in an effort to troubleshoot on my own since your tech support people have been useless (when they've replied at all), I de-encrypted my SD Card. The Security Audit should now flag my unencrypted SD Card as an issue, but the security audit shows clean -- another problem. BUT FOR THE FACT that I have booted into safe mode and made sure there was nothing amiss with my Device Administrator app list, I would think my phone was compromised. Now it just appears that your program is buggy. You need to investigate the severity of this problem ASAP and figure out if there is some new malware preventing the file scans with your software of whether it is hopefully just a program flaw. But please don't tell us it's scanning files... your own logs show it is not. Thank you for prompt updates to this thread.
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