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  1. Ok, more scan with 2 antivirus had no results of an infection. However, thanks.
  2. I apologize but I have to make a further addition. I noticed that in the taskmanager there was also another COM Surrogate process, also the one connected to dllhost.exe. I thought there was a conflict between the two processes so I gave the taskmanager to stop the apparently blocked one. Now the problem seems solved however I would like it to be resolved definitively while I know that it is not the first time that it presents itself and the solution just adopted is only the cure for the symptom. How to eliminate the root problem?
  3. I found the process is connected to dllhost.exe, and this is normal, i think... But why does that process now use all that energy?
  4. I see another problem with my computer, a problem o f over heating. In the task manager i see the process COM Surrogate that uses 17% of the CPU, and a high electrical consumption and a high tendency to high electrical consumption. From a search on the internet I have ascertained that viruses can hide behind this name so as not to be detected by the system, nor by antivirus software, moreover I have ascertained that it would normally be a process that uses few resources. Scans of Malwarebytes and Windows Defender have not found anything but my laptop always has the fan on and continuously dissipates heat. How can I solve this problem?
  5. Ok seems the problem is solved. Really thanks Kevin! I was scaring Ps. Description for other people will come in future: Follow the guide linked from @kevinf80, but if you have more of 1 Google Chrome account, you have to do every step of the guide for every account before do the Malwarebyte scan.
  6. I was having some annoing issues because my computer using a lot of ram and be slow. Windows explorer don't work correctly. I did some runs with these tools: Malwarebytes, next adwcleaner, next FRST64 Here the log files: I don't know what I have to do after. The problem is solved? FRST.txtscansione3 malwarebytes.txtscansione2 malwarebytes.txtscansione malwarebytes.txt Addition.txt
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