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  1. Just adding that this issue appears to persist in the latest MWB beta v4.1.1.71, so I've gathered logs from the affected PC and submitted them on ticket 3026592. Thank you.
  2. Hi Arthi Can you please if possible advise whether these updates have made it into the current beta v4.1.1.71? We've been obliged to switch to the beta because our issues are too severe to keep waiting. Your advice much appreciated, thank you.
  3. And thanks once more @AdvancedSetup for moving the misplaced topic, my apologies; I'll reply and continue with the support ticket. Much appreciated!
  4. Thanks again @AdvancedSetup, I'll pursue the one ticket from now on, see how we go with the new beta; as @exile360 advised, it doesn't seem to make anything worse, and the issues are disruptive enough we need to resolve as soon as we can, so I'm good with a test sample of 10 PCs, as they're not all being used full-time anyway.
  5. Thank you @exile360, we've got the new beta on 10 of our PCs so far, and no bad reports yet; however that's not long enough for a real test, as our various problems are fairly intermittent, and at random intervals; they'll show eventually if they persist. I'll update when I know more, appreciate your advice.
  6. Hello @AdvancedSetup Thank you for looking into this. I got Thursday's reply (advising me to install a beta to help with mwac issues), believe Saturday's reply was me replying on the ticket myself, so I'm getting emails okay, thank you. Good that you let me know about closure of ticket 3042523 and merging with ticket 3026592, as I didn't know that (they were raised for separate problems affecting other of our PCs); I also raised a couple of other tickets (3042528 and 3043232) for other separate problems, but I'm guessing these have likewise been closed and merged with ticket 3026592, I'm
  7. Yes, I did get their initial automated reply, so I'll wait for them to get in touch in response to your request, thank you.
  8. Much appreciated. I certainly intended to select the business option when I logged my ticket; however, I note that when I search for the ticket number in the support tool, it doesn't appear, so perhaps something went wrong, and this explains the lack of response from them. Should I wait to see if your request elicits a response from them, or else create a new ticket, so I can gather logs and attach? Thanks again.
  9. Thank you exile360. Yes, we are a business customer, but no response to ticket 3042523 logged on 17/5/20 bar the automated acknowledgement, which is why I posted here, too. Am I better to attach gathered logs here, or else to that ticket? Much appreciated.
  10. Several of our PCs with Malwarebytes are having problems with the screen going blank for some seconds, then eventually coming back alive; also associated are mouse lagging issues (standard HID compliant USB mouse); removing/disabling Malwarebytes makes the issues disappear. The display errors produce Warning Event ID 4101 "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered" in the Windows event log (per screenshot). PCs are standard new Dell desktops. Any help/suggestions appreciated.
  11. Thank you, Athi. Please if possible post in this thread to notify us when the change rolls out to Malwarebytes 4, as we have this problem across our office, so would like to update to the fixed version as soon as possible. Much appreciated.
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