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  1. Thanks, guys. I didn't realize there were no "pure" viruses for the Mac. The distinction between malware and virus eludes me, but that's an issue I let software deal with. 🙂 Impure ones, maybe? (That's a joke.) I was greatly relieved to find my problem was so much easier to resolve than I'd imagined it would be. I figured it would involve OS reinstallation, and since I'm on an older Mac I don't want the latest OS because so many of the apps on it are 32-bit and would no longer work. It would be costly to replace them with 64-bit versions. I do also occasionally run Windows and some of its apps. I keep wondering about a real-time scanner and how it might impact the performance of my computer if it's constantly on and looking for viruses. I know realtime virus software can affect performance; I'm just not sure how much.
  2. And thanks for that tip. I'll certainly bear it in mind in the future. In the meantime, I'll see if I can figure else I might do short of reinstalling the OS.
  3. Thank you, Porthos, so much. I thought I had a much bigger problem. I went through the steps in that article and actually found a site named shortcut.at or something like that and was allowing notifications from it. I've now blocked the site. I think I did some serious damage to my computer because another software, Bitdefender, I think, found a virus in all my TimeMachine backup files but was taking days to delete them, reporting that they could be neither sequestered nor deleted, so I manually deleted them. And now I can't get them out of the trash either by restoring them or permanently deleting them and I'm getting reports there's not enough room for another Time Machine backup. My guess is, it's going to have to reinstall the OS to fix this one. Criminey. And all because of a notification. But again, thanks for referring me to that article. It has saved me a LOT of worry and additional aggravation.
  4. I think I clicked on something carelessly yesterday without fully reading the button. I thought I was denying website notifications. But I guess that's not what I did. Ever since then, I've getting the messages from Chrome asking if my Mac is infected. Yes, clearly it is. And there are other questions and suggests as well. Usually there's a reference to shorturl.at. A URL shortening site is where I got it I think. Anyway, I ran Malwarebytes and it tells me there is no virus, but you can see from this screen clip the notifications being pushed onto my my screen from Chrome. It doesn't seem to happen when I use FIrefox. So if go through the trouble of uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling it, will that fix it? If it won't, then what program will? Norton? Because some of those notifications suggest I obtain Norton. I haven't done anything those notifications have suggested, but I still would like to be rid of this problem.
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