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  1. The problem with being an extension is that users can disable it in the browser, or even start the browser in safe mode. There is no advantage of Threat Down in that the user does not have the possibility of deactivating the AV.
  2. We are using Malwarebytes EDR, now Threat Down. On Windows, protection when accessing a malicious website is simply something out of this world, wonderful. The user has no chance of doing something wrong. Unfortunately, on macOS it is very different, there is nothing that blocks the user from accessing a malicious website. Is there any plan or anything on Malwarebyte's roadmap to implement this feature on macOS? In addition to this feature, Memory Stick insertion protection is something that is also missing.
  3. We made some changes and were unable to reproduce. We tried opening links via Visual Studio Code and there was no exploit alert. We exchanged Excel for OnlyOffice and it opened the link normally, without being identified as Exploit. Probably some update in Excel must have generated this error.
  4. An employee of our company has an XLS file with several links. However, when she try to click on a link, Excel closes and I receive an exploit email blocked. However, if she puts the link in Visual Studio Code, and clicks the link through it, the link opens correctly. OS release name: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OS platform: Windows Category: Exploit Type: exploit Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe --single-argument https:\example.com\kb\trash\article Action taken: Blocked Threat name: Exploit.PayloadProcessBlock What could be happening? The link, if accessed directly via the browser, also does not show errors
  5. On my workstations we have MalwareBytes EDR installed, both on macOS and Windows. How can we test whether the app is working correctly on these platforms? As far as I know the EICAR is not valid as it is obsolete.
  6. Philco's website in Brazil is blocked by MalwareBytes when trying to access it via Windows. VirusTotal did not report anything suspicious. https://philco.com.br
  7. This feature is then only for Windows machines, correct? Another issue still in Windows. Does MalwareBytes already support Windows ARM versions? As in some cases we need to run Windows 11 on Paralles, it ends up installing the ARM version. At least the "basic" version of MB doesn't support it.
  8. Today I use the standard version of MalwareBytes to protect company machines, most running macOS and only a few running Windows. As I want to have more control over the security part of the company, I'm thinking of migrating MalwareBytes to EDR. But with that came some doubts about the functioning of the EDR. Can I block external devices on the machines (USB flash drive, External HDD, etc?) Can I check if users are getting infected? Can I check if users are running the endpoint?I've had cases where the user tried to install an update and didn't complete it and went months without the application running. *I posted here because I tried to contact the commercial in Brazil and got no response.
  9. I work in a small company that has about 9 machines, of those ten, 2 are Windows, 1 Android and the rest is macOS. Not all machines run in the same location, because due to the home office, employees use the machines provided by the company at home. We work with Malwarebytes For Teams, but it seems that nowadays the best thing is to always have a more powerful solution, even if for few machines. As I am a layman in the area of security, what's the difference between the "For Teams" product and "Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection", what kind of additional protection do I have with it? Our machines are used for three purposes: 1 - Customer support 2 - Administrative operations with cloud software 3 - Web development
  10. Thank you very much, I believe that now it won't be a problem with the analyses.
  11. I went to generate the log and today the scan happened super fast. 2021-10-08 01:03 PM (GMT-03) - Scheduled Analysis - 571295 Objects 2020-10-08 01:44 PM (GMT-03) - Manual Analysis - 59906 Objects - 1 minute (difference of 500 thousand files less) 2020-10-08 01:4 PM (GMT-03) - Manual Analysis - 59916 Objects - Less than 30 seconds (difference of 500 thousand files less)
  12. Procedure performed. FileVault: Activated First Scan Start 2021-08-09 02:00 PM End 2021-08-09 02:47 PM Itens: 571.040 Second Scan Start 2021-08-09 02:48 PM End 2021-08-09 03:35 PM Itens: 571.124 A strange behavior I noticed is that after 44 minutes (second scan) the total number of files scanned was 57.499, and in 46 minutes the total number of files was 571.124.
  13. It showed after two minutes 0 files had been scanned. I managed to complete the analysis on the computer, 3 scans in a row, and all took more than an hour (+550K files).
  14. Another thing I've done recently is to add some NPM modules to my projects, and these modules are known to be gigantic, containing a plethora of files and subdirectories. Unfortunately during the scan it doesn't tell you exactly what it is analyzing and which file is being analyzed.
  15. As I use this Mac for development, and a few days I installed the Android SDK and Android Virtual Devices. I'm wondering if the slowness is not being caused by the analysis of the files of this Android virtual machine.
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