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  1. Thanks. I think it's now on control. I reinstall Windows 10, then I bought TotalAV. Virus scanners block exe files. But I was stupid and give permissions because I "know" that these files are safe and also need them on my work.. But thing was that Sality was changed these exe files, it also keeped modify date same.
  2. I think I have this on my computer, Avast block constantly different trusted EXE files try to connect same DNS address mentioned here, also have other symptoms. I have tried to scan with Win-Defender, Avast, TotalAV and not found. It also spawn random named exe -files to AppdataLocal\Temp\. I think it also take Windows firewall off sometimes. https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/2567aedc124f79a0b34237232290e58a6711eb9e99e4f62de34905273a889c92?environmentId=120 Please help.
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