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  1. Yes, and then shortly after that I uninstalled the software because I was still getting pop-ups after running a scan. And yes, I do know that I can just close it from the tray. It was more out of annoyance of having to do this everytime that I started this software. You are right, malwarebytes is not the software for me, I have already switched to Windows Defeneder\Security and it's free anti-virus\anti-malware\anti-ransom protection which only sends notifactions when a scan has been completed. It may not be as good as Malwarebytes, but it does what I need.
  2. Except that doesn't just get rid of the popups, it completely shuts down Malwarebytes down.
  3. I already deactivated mine before I uninstalled it. It was in the first post that you replied to. I was only asking why you hide the button purposley. Could someone now close this thread?
  4. I uninstalled Malwarebytes when I put this post up in May and just used Windows Defender. Almost a year later, I'm still using Windows Defender (or whatever it is called these days) You also didnt reply when I asked you about you forcing users to start a premium trial.
  5. Yes but that doesn't mean that it isn't adware. It's advertising, and if malwsrebytes is against it, then maybe they should remove it from their software. As well as automatically forcing their users to start the premium trial and making it harder to switch out of.
  6. What I don't understand is if malwarebytes is supposed to be against computer Ad-ware, why it then uses that as a tactic to get people to upgrade to pro. You're either one thing or another. Anti-Malware or Ad-ware.
  7. It isn't a "program notice" though, it is plain and clear advertising. It is advertising for products and services I am not interested in. The problem is, I would prefer to just start malwarebytes when I need it. But, it starts when I login into Windows and does not show up in the startup tab of task manger so I do not know how to stop it from starting up at start-up.
  8. Doesn't that just make it adware then? I thought malwarebytes were against adware. I guess I will have to switch to a different anti-malware software.
  9. These popups can be extremely annoying and I don't know how to get rid of them. They popup at random and I would like to turn them off. (If it helps, I have already stopped my trial malwarebytes through account settings) Any help would be appreciated!
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