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  1. Hello everyone I recently noticed that the Malwarebytes icon app changed in my Mac, it used to be just the M blue but now it is white with a blue circle around it. Should I worry about it?
  2. Sorry, this was intended for malwarebytes Mac support forum
  3. Hello some months ago I downloaded the support tool for Mac and ran it to upload logs for two different tickets but I am wondering if that support tool is legit or if I downloaded something malicious? When I sent the MWB_info.zip to my advisor he said everything look fine but I just have this fear. I downloaded it from the link they gave me in the ticked (from malware hates support site)
  4. Hello! I am on my Mac and I am reviewing the installations on System Info and I see two dates that call my attention, on May 4 2020 and April 13 2020, I didn't installed Malwarebytes on those dates and it's reported as if I had when I didn't. I first installed Malwarebytes on March 12, 2020 and on May 18, 2020 but not on this previously mentioned dates. Why is it reported this way?
  5. Sorry, I hace Catalina 10.15.4 What I meant is that my Mac was shut down, I turned it on lets say at 10:30 at it did the analysis at that time, not at 11:00 am as I had it scheduled, but it still did it at 11:00 am. other days i turn my Mac on at 18:30 and at that time it does the analysis, it doesnt Wait u tío the Next day at 11:00 am. I dont Know if i made myself clear.
  6. Hello everyone! I have scheduled analysis for every day at 11:00 am but I've noticed that sometimes Malwarebytes does those analysis at different times and still reports it like "scheduled analysis" For example, today I turned on my Mac at 10:30 am and it did an analysis at that time even though it's scheduled for 11:00 am, it has happened also if I turn my Mac on after 11:00 am. is this normal?
  7. Thanks, Apple said it could be a bug. why does disk corruption occur? Should I worry?
  8. Hello Yesterday I noticed that my google layout changed. Before yesterday in the google search i would get the results in blue and the link in black on top of the blue titles but yesterday I did a search and the layout changed, the link was below the blue title now but in green color. I am scared this might be due to a browser hijacking or a hack, anyone knows why does this happen?
  9. Hello! I deleted my trash the other day and has happened to me twice that some random files re appear in trash after deletion, does this have to di with malware or just a simple bug?
  10. Sorry, I managed to run the tool in another computer and saw there sis pparently nothing personal. Is all the information that the tool collects related to malwarebytes? It doesn't collect info from other apps?
  11. Thank you, so it only contains information about logs in my system? I was worried it could expose my information but if you say it only contains my user name I think it's okay, does it have any other information? Sorry, I am not able to run the tool atm that's why I am asking
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I don't have the file anymore and deleted the email, that is why I am asking if it contains important information about my machine or something like that that could be threatening for my security
  13. Hello everyone I downloaded an ran the malwarebytess support tool for Mac and sent the resulted file MWB_info.zip to my advisor but my question here is what this zip file contains? If it puts my personal information in danger(not baceuse of malwarebytes but if someone else sees it idk maybe if they hack my email or something su I am just curious)
  14. I just thought it was weird because of the file that says it was last modified on December 31,2020 at 18:03 because I just had an issue where Malwarebytes had an incorrect date and showed that the last scan had been that exact same date (December 31, 2020 at 18:03) so I don't know if it's a coincidence
  15. I already created a ticket but haven't got an answer. I double-checked and it does have access to the disk
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