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  1. I also was finally starting to have some sort of faith in windows built in antivirus & defender after all these years bilut after this. Not very impressed with it at all. It didn't catch a damn thing.. Microsoft. Like working with cavemen.
  2. Thank you very much for the time that you swift responders have taken to help me, I know better, I always play with fire in the sandiebox. But was in a hurry. And been experimenting with building & copying web page & desktop gadgets sometimes I steal scripts from old widgets that have been discontinued because of " security flaws" which is really just Microsoft being lazy incompetent. You just need to have a code breech warning if the widget would migrate away from desktop or web page. Just trying to keep the pc as flashy as what we hold in our hand, like an extention. Amyway. I wanted script from an old discontinued yahoo widget. There in is the hidden virus. But there was no prompt unless the permission was mix in with widget permissions itself an all in one, not like McAfee where it props about the desired software, then a second screen check box for add ons... Wtf.. Anyway. I design kitchen so I have a chief architect 10 /modified exe hack & acdsee 10 exe hack, a rewritten web host file with communication blocks, and some registry edits. All of them are pristine. Not resource hogs or forced codes. So its hard for me to run full repairs because it kicks some of those program hacks out as false Trojans. I never opened the santivirus program it self. But opened the yahoo widget. I knew something was released immediately. I can sense bad codes in the pc by the processors "feel" I paniced and trace dow odd folders. Found the master santivirus parent folder and deleted it, then went to programs and couldn't find it in add /remove. So I ran malwarebytes, found a ton of threats 27. All centering around santivirus. Then ran adwarecleaner by MB. That found somemore. Then restart. Wouldnt even couldn't even make it through startup. Ran adwarecleaner again. Found above 4 more pups. Restarted the pc, it was still trippin over itself. That is when I started getting worried. I heard this virus had a self igniting exe that keeps reinfecting. That means a full new clean install of windows 10.. Which for me, because of all my hacks and work arounds , is a pain & very time consuming. After running adware cleaner & MBs a couple time, and cycle a couple restarts and a clean up. Seems to be running as smooth as a babies but again. So glad, cause I cant even run microsofts DISM file system check & repair because of kms all licenses regenerator & all the hacks. But I did run farbar. Just a scan /no fix. See attach Thank you so much for your time. You guys save ppl alot of headaches. Keep up the impressive hard work. Stay safe, but stay loose. The only ppl that should be quarantined is our government. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. I did something stupid and got santivirus better know as serigosa, then did another stupid thing and uninstall it with just add /remove program. So now its harder to find the peices. I need the right procedure to fully Remove. I have seen about 20. What really works.. I don't want to just waste time. Do I jist have to do a clean window 10 install? Thanks
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