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  1. OMG. It appears to have worked. Reboot. Scan with Zemana. T'is clean. You've done it. No reinstall needed. Thanks for staying on top of it Kevin - I wonder if it's worth adding a "reset group policy" tickbox in Malwarebytes... Anyways - you da man Fixlog.txt
  2. sorry for delay - just tried it. unfortunately no noticeable difference. Still the same Zemana finds it and kills it temporarily. at some point I might just give up and reinstall windows completely...but I'm happy to keep trying for a bit if you are - because if it fixes malwarebytes or adwcleaner it might help others also Fixlog.txt
  3. ok that one worked - but I thought I'd do it after zemana also since it was just a query both are attached (since FRST deletes the fixlist batch command file after running it - I just re-downloaded it for the second go) Interestingly the data seems identical between the two which is not what I expected Fixlog.txt Fixlog_after_zemana.txt
  4. gpo.html was very small but I zipped it anyway - also added the TXT files. Interestingly and very oddly - I was trying to zip it on the spot (in the root of the C drive) and it woudn't let me...Threw up this error - basically I couldn't create any files in C:\ root folder not necessarily connected but VERY VERY weird. Nick gpo.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. well yes - all of them. meaning we still have a proxy and it can still only be detected by Zemana and it still comes back every reboot
  6. sorry I forgot it first time - here it is - but yeah that {6BFFB413-E7AB-4EB4-B5DA-94027CEBECF5} is not present in files either. Search.txt
  7. no more of {6BFFB413-E7AB-4EB4-B5DA-94027CEBECF5} in the registry... and the RSOP looks like the attached image. Nothing weird in there (at least nothing "seemed" to be weird) but I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to look like as I'd never opened it before. SearchReg.txt
  8. Done and done. but nope. - see attached fixlog after reboot still needed Zemana to find/kill Fixlog.txt
  9. ok - well at least we're zeroing in on exactly what's happening - we just dunno what's doing it... In any case here's the result. attached is the searchreg.txt you asked for and two screenshots of the internet properties connections tab. Lan settings look like it should (DHCP turned on, no proxies) - but ONLY AFTER ZEMANA cleans it Prior to Zemana cleaning it - the LAN settings button is greyed out. (checked that by rebooting) One thing that is worrying is the "some setting are managed by your administrator" - this is my personal laptop and there's only one account on it and that's me. (I am indeed an Admin account) - so whatever is changing those policies is likely our culprit... SearchReg.txt
  10. put some stuff in PP - I know it's not much but you're putting in a lot of time and I wanted to acknowledge that
  11. Did as you suggested - fixlog attached. EndiciaPlugin.exe is being reported as not found in the fixlog - which is to be expected as....it ain't there However the proxy...sadly...is still there (post reboot) Fixlog.txt
  12. here you go. Lemme know what you suggest next... Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. Just uninstalled Endicia Connect. I removed Dazzle for good measure also. Interestingly Endicia Connect wouldn't uninstall through add/remove programs - so I forcibly removed the entire folder in Program Files (x86) aaand - no difference. Proxy is still there after reboot. What's our next move
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