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  1. yes yes and yes. THAT worked Which one do you think it was - the gotomeeting or the registry proxy entry after it? Fixlog.txt
  2. if teamviewering in is an option for you - happy to let you do it - but not sure if it'll help to poke around
  3. unfortunately not much extra use there - lemme get you another scan with FRST - just gotta reboot
  4. Unfortunately Zemana doesn't do much verbose reporting - the most I could get out of going in the report section was this: Product Name    :  Zemana AntiMalware Scan Status    :  Completed Scan Date    :  12/4/2020 11:49:16 AM Scan Type    :  Smart Scan Scan Duration    :  00:00:16 Scanned Objects    :  2026 Detected Objects    :  1 Exclu
  5. nope. that was ages ago - it's a fairly highly regarded thing installed directly from their github - https://github.com/Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu Out of curiosity prior to deleting it by Zemana - is it possible to find out what proxy stuff is being redirected to? Perhaps that could help understanding what it is (or perhaps it keeps varying)
  6. and done. nice idea - but no dice. I disabled ALL non-MSFT services as per that page (had no startup things to disable other than that). Did a boot - checked they were still disabled. Ran Zemana - and got the same stuff. So either (a) it's masquerading as an MSFT service or (b) it ain't a service ;( Nick
  7. Although for what it's worth - Last time Group Policy was applied: 12/3/2020 at 9:56:04 AM This was moments after booting the PC
  8. here it is - not clear how useful it is...I would have imagined there was some setting somewhere that contains a proxy to route all http traffic...but I don't see it anywhere obvious gplist.txt
  9. here you go. To be clear I did a reboot. Made sure that hijack was still there by running Zemana (but NOT CLEARING the found hijack setting) Then I ran the registry query that produced the fixlog.txt Then I cleaned it with Zemana and continued working. (the reason I have to do it this way is because this is my primary laptop - so I need to use it) Fixlog.txt
  10. seems to think it did it...however it didn't make any difference to the hijack ;( still gets recreated after reboot Fixlog.txt
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