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  1. @nasdaq Hi, so after having a discussion at the other forum, the issue is an Ethernet driver. It has nothing to do with Malwarebytes.
  2. Oh so it's not Malwarebytes after all? Alright I'll try the other forum.
  3. Two more dump files that may or may not be relevant. These actually happened before it starts regularly BSOD-ing for whatever reason, so I didn't think it was needed at first, but it might be useful. 060920-84718-01.dmp 061220-113390-01.dmp
  4. Here's a zip containing the dump files. They're more or less caused by the same thing. Also update: Apparently Malwarebytes is not even running this time, and it still died when I use the "close lid" to send it to sleep. I'm even more confused now. The same thing happens back then, and MB had to be uninstalled in full to get it to stop doing this. 061320-84312-01.zip
  5. Oh darn, it escaped my mind, I only just realized after Googling the error again. Some of the Microsoft discussion threads about this particular BSOD mentioned Kaspersky and I had also scanned the PC with Kaspersky Virus remover tool first, and it detected a problem in "System Memory". Doesn't specify what or where. I had Kaspersky clean it up without restarting because I was still in the middle of doing something. THEN I scanned it with Malwarebytes, which detected nothing. Once I finished my work I forgot to restart, and just closed the lid to send it to sleep. That's when the BSOD happ
  6. For what it's worth I just realized that there's a possibility that the problem was never fixed since the last time I posted here. In my last post I said everything looks great, but I realized now that I had only checked for logoff/restart, and then immediately closed Malwarebytes so that it was no longer running in the background. As mentioned in the above post, if all MB process is fully killed/exited, it will not have problems. But when MB is running in the background, the laptop crashed. So I had been regularly shutting off the MB process, and never checked if it still causes BSOD or
  7. I just ran a scan on my laptop earlier and upon sending it to sleep, it crashes and dies. It doesn't show me an actual BSOD, but my computer shuts off instead of going to sleep. After booting it back on, when I get into the Desktop, there's the "Your computer has ran into problems, blah blah, we will send files to Windows". When I checked the dump file using Windows diagnostics tools, it shows that the problem was a "Driver Power State Failure" caused by an "ntoskrnl.exe" file. As an experiment, I tried running the laptop with Malwarebytes turned off, and the PC goes to sleep and wakes up jus
  8. Oh, ywah, nevermind that one. I just got it cleared out. Its a weird bug because for some reason the JEdit Software keeps wanting to run using Java6, because for some reason Java 6 is stilld etected as existing in the computer. I've redirected it to the correct Java version now, and everyTing looks alright.
  9. Okay, other than Beta/Premium being shut off, there are no issues with Malwarebytes. Restarted normally, logged off normally, no BSOD upon waking from sleep.
  10. The "Beta" option is locked for Premium only The program says my premium trial expired so I cannot turn on Beta
  11. It's weird but nothing seems to be wrong, though. I'll try Malwarebytes right away.
  12. Something odd happened. I use JEdit script editor for programming stuff, and it now keeps pinging me with "needs Java Runtime 1.8 to run" I have JRE 1.8 installed, with the latest update of Java. When I tried running the reinstaller, it still detects Java 6 as existing in the computer.
  13. That was where it was originally installed in. Shimeji is the app that required the older version of Java to run. I wasn't thinking and trashed the folder instead of using the uninstall function.
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