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  1. Hello Everyone, I first read about MalawareBytes for iOS quite some time ago & was quite excited about it. Much to my disappointment, I learned shortly afterwards that the iOS app, at that time, was not available in my country, Malaysia. So I told myself to just wait for it. It has been a long time since and I just tried to search for the app on the Apple App Store and still, the app is nowhere to be found. Does anybody know if the app will ever launch in South-East Asia region at all or does the Company behind MalwareBytes intend to skip this region? Regards,
  2. Atribune & Porthos Thank you both for your assistance & information. I finally have an answer. I know what I should now Regards, Andrew
  3. Hi Guys, I was asked by MalwareBytes Support to come to you with my query (I really do not understand why is it so difficult to get a straightforward answer to my query.) Basically, I ran a check at VirusTotal on a URL (megaup.net) and all but one scanner passed it (please refer to the attachments for the result of that check.) I then contacted MalwareBytes Support because my MalwareBytes Premium blocked that URL although MalwareBytes hpHosts at VirusTotal passed it as clean. The Support team then asked to extract information from my device which was not only baffling, it is also ver
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