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  1. Done what you asked, sent both e-mail and PM The app seems to be Push Service, not sure if it is malware or a default app, I think something may have forced its way into giving me push notifications, I never used that in my life, not for PC and not for phone.
  2. Hello, I get a popup notification on top of the screen. The logo icon is like someonetalking in a comic book (like the hangouts logo) and i get a message which urges me to click. It always has a photo, mostly drawn like a game icon, the messages are idiotical: many emoticons, and for example in my own language it says "For god" and there are 2 link button, accept and refuse. And sometimes crashed characters. I have never clicked on it or on the button links, look like obvious malware. Had mcaffee and it did nothing. Got bitdefender free and malwarebyte free and they also did nothing,
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