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  1. I have a paid subscription to Malwarebytes Premium. My Frirefox browser also has a free add-on named Malwarebytes Browser Guard. Who do I need both? Today I encountered a problem viewing a video on the FoxNews.com website. I was able to view the video with my Google Chrome browser by not with my Firefox browser. I used the Safe Mode browser startup option on the Firefox browser to troubleshoot. That option temporarily disables all of the Firefox add-ons. When all were disabled, I was able to view the video on my Firefox browser. I Then re-enabled all Firefox browser add-ons and disabled each add-on one-by-one to find the problem add-on. When I disabled the Malwarebytes Browser Guard add-on, I was then able to view the video on the Fox News website. Even though my Malwarebytes Brower Guard was disabled, my Malwarebytes Premium applications was still active. So why Do I Need (2) Different Malwarebytes Apps when one is free and one is not?
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